This is my first experience with Stancenation! I had to say, Elvis put on quite a show in Houston’s NRG stadium and I couldn’t be happier getting to see his car in person!! Let me know what you guys think…should I do more after movies (only took me 30+ editing hours!)????? Tag any featured cars or viewers! Like and share….Thanks for the support! Chick who Filmed and Edited: BeachBumMedia Instagram | Facebook | Website | ♫ Support ÆSTRAL ♫ ● Soundcloud: ● Twitter: ♫ Support Heal ♫ ● Soundcloud: ● Facebook: ♫ Support [More]
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StanceWars Houston where do I begin? That weekend last November was one of the greatest I’ve ever had during my travels as an automotive videographer. The show was amazing, yes. The cars were amazing, yes. But the people I met and the people that helped me shoot were the nicest I have ever come across yet. From total strangers driving me around the city helping be the camera car, to new friends taking me out at night getting bottle service, and other taking me out for massages and ice cream after shoots HOUSTON TOPPED MY LIST! Huge huge huge thank [More]
Drove from Dallas to Houston for this car show. Its all about fixed up rides with nice paint jobs, lowered suspensions, wheels cambered, and just good to the eyes. Sorry for the quality. My computer could not handle the entire video as a whole, so i had to export in parts and put all together again then export again. So some quality was lost.
My coverage of the Stance Nation Event in Houston, Texas insta: @danky_og check out these artist
Song’s in their order Mat Zo – The Lost (Nissi’s Trap Zo Edit) Selena Gomez – Good For You (J Farell Remix) Selena Gomez – Good For You (J Farell Remix) Crystal Castles – Affection (Kane Vale Remix) korosu -絹の涙 (silk tears) (Private Joke Remix)
Relaxing beat, Sit back and enjoy. Stance Nation at the Nrg Stadium ( HOUSTON TX ) itzMEDIA : Instagram : itz.Media : itz.oc BarelyLegal : Instagram :
Welp, here it is! Official SNTX coverage video! Hope you like it. Song: Pyramid Scheme & Mk Ultra- Ghost ( Trip V Festival Remix ) Facebook: Twitter: @bb0ychris Instagram: @bb0ychris No copyright infringement intended. All rights go to the owner of the soundtrack.