Shop at Rachard Johnson: Creative Director / DP – C.E.O •IG: Sunday Funday as they say… We took the RX7 out to play with hops in making a feature video for the shop build..unfortunately some of the footage didn’t come out as expected so I’m just dropping the raw since we have plans to shoot again and this time at night since its a beautiful bright yellow, it’ll look amazing at night… Gear Used _____________________________________________________________ Canon c100 Mark II – Canon 16-35mm L III – Movi M10 Gimbal – DJI Ronin M – SmallHD [More]
Performance Audi magazine R8 V10 test – turbo versus supercharged.
Final version of the intro and phase 1 of the Spinn Off of Life on Mars: “Life on Earth “. This video shows the beginning of the game running on a Turbo R + v9990 + opl4. The OPL4 emulation does not work at 100×100 and the rain sound effect is too loud and does not fade out slowly, as it should in an actual msx. The game will be released at the end of July. Shipments of the physical version will begin in August and the first shipment will be sent in full to all those who made the [More]
Polaris fought their way back into show room supremacy with the introduction of the 72-inch wide RZR XP Turbo S in 2018, The first Turbo S came with Live Valve Fox Podium shocks that are electronically controlled, along with all new body styling, a strengthened drive train, immersive cockpit, and long travel suspension, with an industry first, factory-installed 32-inch tall ITP tires. The Turbo S brings the infamous RZR capability and multi-terrain mastery to a whole new level. For 2019, Polaris created a more affordable version of their top tier machine. The RZR XP Turbo S Velocity. This UTV has [More]
My Supercharged MR2 Debuts in the newest issue of SuperStreet Magazine!!
Performance Audi magazine R8 V10 test – turbo versus supercharged.
The 1995 Mazda RX7 is one of the most iconic cars to roll out of . Japanese factory. With it’s rotary engine, combined with twin-turbos and light weight these cars were rockets. Over the years people have modified stock versions. Some are done great and some not so great. Here is a RX7 that hits the sweet spot for just enough done to it to make it unique and the rest still there to keep it a RX7. Check out why this car deserves to be on the cover of Super Street Magazine!
First Ride: Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo S – A Beast Fit For the Whole Family!
Turbo Magazine Exclusive Road Trip To Jerusalem Israel טיול טורבו מגזין לירושלים צילום : רותם פוניס בוקר, מועדון טורבו מגיעים ביום שישי לחניון השמור של אוטו-איטליה, בהם: פרארי 458 ספיידר, מרצדס SLS AMG GT ,יגואר XK-RS אאודי R8 V10 ספיידר. פורשה 911 קאררה S קבריולט החדשה ניסאן GT-R בלאק אדישן, פורשה 911GT3 גרסת 997, ו פורשה 911 קאררה 4 993 אאודי S6 החדשה, אלינו הצטרפו רכבי אוטו-איטליה: פרארי קליפורניה ו- מזראטי גיבלי החדשהץ לכתבה :
Just a quick video while at a photoshoot today at Donington Park for Miniworld Magazine. (yay!) Driving videos to follow VERY soon, I PROMISE!!!!!!!