Shop at Rachard Johnson: Creative Director / DP – C.E.O •IG: Sunday Funday as they say… We took the RX7 out to play with hops in making a feature video for the shop build..unfortunately some of the footage didn’t come out as expected so I’m just dropping the raw since we have plans to shoot again and this time at night since its a beautiful bright yellow, it’ll look amazing at night… Gear Used _____________________________________________________________ Canon c100 Mark II – Canon 16-35mm L III – Movi M10 Gimbal – DJI Ronin M – SmallHD [More]
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You’re better off sticking to reading the magazine.
Super Street Feature @ Carolina Speedway (10-13-18)
Team 6, a game company from the Netherlands, presents the first official game for well reputable magazine focusing on modified Japanese cars. In this run, I’m going for a casual fun state of mind approach rather than precision driving. The last race of Super Street Magazine’s official racing game with the use of the vehicle “Avian Revolution” which resembles a Mazda rx-7 x Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution hybrid. Subscribe to this channel for more awesome videos: Follow Reiji online: CONTENT [0:29] TUTORIAL TUNED IN TOKYO [3:20] EDGE OF FAIRLAKE [5:17] BOARDING RUN [9:03] URBAN 8-TRACK [12:14] [More]
Happy New Year everybody! Unlike previous seasons, we are jumping right back into things with a BRAND NEW season of The Chronicles Vlog series! We are set to take off to Japan in just a few days, which is how our seasons typically start, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to kick things off with a meet back home here in California. Super Street magazine wanted to start the year off early as well and decided to host a car meet in Anaheim with some help from Toyo Tires. David, Der, and I stopped by the early morning shindig [More]
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The sequel to The History of Tuner Magazines like Super Street, DSport, Import Tuner and more! What magazines are left? What are they like now days? Are they still cool? Find out! LINK TO PART 1: Sources other than my memory and the actual magazines: Incoming search terms:somebodybcl
The 1995 Mazda RX7 is one of the most iconic cars to roll out of . Japanese factory. With it’s rotary engine, combined with twin-turbos and light weight these cars were rockets. Over the years people have modified stock versions. Some are done great and some not so great. Here is a RX7 that hits the sweet spot for just enough done to it to make it unique and the rest still there to keep it a RX7. Check out why this car deserves to be on the cover of Super Street Magazine!
An unofficial history of tuner magazines such as Super Street, Import Tuner and DSport. Were the cars better? Are they wack now? When did they start? What happened to the models? Do magazines even matter now? Sources other than my own brain and the magazines themselves: Incoming search terms:chartacb
These tours were so much fun! We did the east leg that started in Baltimore MD. The NOPI Nationals was the biggest car show in the world back then. It was awesome!
Super Street The Game No Licensed Cars? This is a very real possibility based on the evidence presented to you in this video. The question is.. Would the game actually be better off without them? Watch this video for an unusual answer! All Super Street News and Info VIds Here: *The BOURNE Opinion* Community News, Reviews, Concepts and Critiques: NFS, GT Sport, The Crew 2, Forza ,Project Cars and more: *Gran Turismo Sport* Gameplay, News and Info: *Need For Speed Payback* Gameplay, News and Info: KINGUIN LINKS: Save Money on Games and Software NFS Payback [More]
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Here’s a behind the scenes look at one of Super Street Magazine’s February 2012 feature models Victoria Mai.