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VTEC Just Kicked in Yo! 🙂 HD P.S. Z pozdrowieniami od hondziarza i dla hondziarzy. 🙂 Subskrybuj / Subscribe – Dzięki / Thanks 😉
Jdm B16A stock cams & clutch S90 70mmTB( stock 58mm- TypeR62mm) Mugen Big Box airfilter 4-2-1 Manifold 2.5” Piping Toda Racing light Flywheel Rechipped Ecu Vtec 5500Rpm RevCut 9000Rpm O2 sensor & Knock Sensor Off
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Me taking my rebuilt b16 on a run 22 fwy
Engine: – Honda B16A from Japan – AEM intake – Skunk2 Pro Series manifold – Mugen valve cover – RC injectors – Mugen header – MSD sport compact ignition – Skunk2 fuel rail – Skunk2 throttle body – Odyssey compact battery – Mugen Gen 1 oil cap – Mugen Gen 1 radiator cap – JDM password hardware – Mugen exhaust system Driveline: – 5-speed manual transmission – Toda Racing Stage 2 clutch & flywheel Suspension: – Spoon Sports full strut coilovers – Polyurethane bushings all around – Function7 Type R spherical bearing lower control arms – Skunk2 Pro front & [More]
*skip to 3:25 for the start* B16A swap into civic EK EJ – B18C swap into Acura Integra DA – turbo b16 5 psi – how to swap a B series engine into a 96-00 (EK EJ) Honda civic. this vid continues off of my d series engine removal great resource for honda info – questions or comments, down below
Subscribe & help me reach 10,000 Subs – After a long hiatus, I want to announce that the Prelude is BACK! This video is a teaser video of what’s to come. I will be building my BB6 5th gen Honda Prelude into a race car!. Enjoy the H22A singing it’s VTEC song through the RSR Exhaust. List of Things I use often – To send cool stuff – PO Box 40, Portland, PA 18351 For #GatoSquad stickers – Paypal me @ ($2 for US, $3 for international) Email me at Follow me on Instagram @FlyinGato Follow [More]
Its a beautiful day in Deltona FL and me and fellow gear head Fredo decided to do some spirited driving on some local back roads for fun! Both cars are powered by a b16a GGM// music: MrSuicideSheep “Snow Dayy – The Tunnel (Said The Sky Remix)”
WEPR Custom GT35 top mount kit fitted on to a fully built B16. Tune by Platinum Auto.
Honda Civic EG 1.6 DOHC VTEC B16A JDM 0-140