In the import styling world, the latter part of the 1990s might be remembered for its excessive body kits and loud graphics, but this EF keeps it a lot simpler with mostly OEM parts and accessories, including rain guards and a rear fog light. Set eyes on the tri-spoke Team SSR wheels, which are perfectly suited to the Civic’s period correct modifications. Look closely and you’ll also see NSX brake calipers behind the spokes. Under the hood sits a B16A motor with a few bolt-on upgrades. When combined with the lightweight Honda chassis, the 1.6-liter DOHC VTEC powerplant is the [More]
Único, veloz e equilibrado, este é o Honda Prelude VTEC 1993 SPECS – Honda Prelude VTEC 1993 – H22A – Escape esportivo – Abafador 4,5″ – Rodas Rays Te37 – Pneus Yokahama Sdrive VISITE : EQUIPAMENTOS – Sony A6300 – Kit lens 16-50mm – Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar – Benro AD71F – Slider KICAM – Rode Videomicro MUSICAS – Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz – Get Low (Mike Gracias Remix) – Chet Faker – I’m Into You (Instrumental Guitar Version) – Flume & Chet Faker – Drop the Game (Sweater Beats Remix) – Jacob Banks – Chainsmoking [More]
The Accord is sitting low and rolling on a set of Work VS-XX wheels measuring 17×8-inch all around. They’re the perfect size to fill the fenders without looking tacky or out of place. Under the hood sits a JDM H22A VTEC engine – a hard-revving four that was never offered in a USDM Accord, but was quite potent in the Prelude of the same era. The transmission is an M2B4 5-speed with LSD. And as you can see, the engine bay has an attention to detail that’s so commonplace in West Coast Honda builds. The interior is equally clean, with [More]
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Stock H22A black top with basic bolt ons and stock ECU.
2000 Civic ex with a JDM b16a 170hp completely stock engine with GSR transmission and cheap intake and 2.5″ exhaust Two adults in the car
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Super Street Magazine and Continental Tire has teamed up once again to bring you the 7th annual FF Battle!! FF Battle is an open invitation to anyone who thinks they have a fast Front Wheel Drive Front Engine car to come to the track and prove how fast they are. This year’s event was a one day “Time Attack” style competition where we invited our competitors out to the infield course of California Speedway to see what their cars could do on a set of Continental Tires. Find out who wins in a field stacked with Integra Type R’s, EG [More]
love this car always beating the piss outa it aha thanks guys
2003 Honda civic LX engine / motor replacement / swap 1.7 non-vtec to JDM 1.7l vtec. Took 20-30 hours to complete at a nice slow pace. Ecu is nonvtec, set up a momentary switch for the vtec solenoid.