Alpha 10 Audi R8 Twin Turbo Forbes Magazine Review

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Freelance automotive journalist Jason Fogelson drives the Alpha 10 Audi R8.

Video courtesy IBP Media.


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We're All Thieves says:

this was a pretty shit "review."

bg281 says:

World's most boring car review ever.. They should have had someone interesting like Matt Farah do the review, atleast then I would have trusted that he knows what he's talking about.. I'm sure it's a great car, however the person in the video made it seem like it's just not that big of a deal.. just saying..

AWOL One says:

Go underground racing. (UgR)

intranix says:

500hp to … the rear wheels? he could have at least looked at wikipedia before talking.

2Deep says:

anything done to the engine?

thizzle91 says:

That was a wackos review from Forbes. Made your system sound week. The man should be doing lotion commercials instead.

tgafire87 says:

Rear wheel…? Humm……..

james hardwick says:

beautiful thank you

Mariusz803 says:

Love this car and how it looks. Can't say the same about the new one though (looks like a giant Audi TT).

SI RICKO says:

30k for only 300 more hp bahahahaahahahaa gtfoh ill go buy A stock s2000 boost it stock engine and make 700hp all fucking day.

FishFind3000 says:

Grays on the review

R 100 says:

that gated shifter tho

Samuel Campana says:

lol love it how he is holding for his dear life everytime he punches

Tyler Hoeve says:

you guys have to get car and driver to rip that around a race track

Jonas Klinkhammer says:

I love this car

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