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One of the coolest engine swaps we saw at Street Machine Summernats 31 was this 1966 Lincoln Continental with a Ford FG XR6 Turbo Barra conversion!

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LukeTheJoker says:

Love everything except the wheels…

ViperDemon6819 Wright says:

I know it's been said but it's too bad the Barra engine wasn't a road car production engine in the states

Smo Kabong says:

@0:31…… worst air filter placement ever!

fomocoboy says:

tiny engine to push the big linc around…

green t says:

Shame on you if I can’t see the turbo

poop53 says:

Sweet ride. I have a 12 valve Cummins in my 63. It was a bitch of a swap.

OGskunkMASTA says:

Hey, I'm from the states and I LOVE THIS!!! Barra is legendary but we can't get it here because emissions BS (I know, I tried for 3 years…) GREAT SWAP, and an AMAZING Car!!

Steven Moser says:

My taxi is how I pay for my toys

xr6t gtx says:

Duel 4" zorsts, a crow cam would give it some serious loop and lump to kill off that "taxi" sound

Neale says:

At least it’s not yellow Scotty. Great conversion though. Go Carnage

Nor Dic says:

errr…. let's see it run

TwoAMBlacktop says:

I wish we got the Barra over here in the US.


Shithouse Taxi? I should be offended – Scotty

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