EBay Turbo RX7 Destroys The World

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the $1000 RX7 went on a rampage this year destroying 300-400whp cars, here’s a little highlight action.

We’re returning to rotary tutorials in 2017 with higher production quality, be ready!

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Christopher Bost says:

Don't buy inferior shit. Porsche is the only one.

Nick Rhyne says:

have a 81 rx7 with the 12. Highly modified. I own a machine shop and done it right. I would race u any day without boost

ThePhantomEvoX says:

brap brap brap brap…… I LOVE IT!

Libra Sagi says:

was this the NA tranny and diff? Im in the process of getting my jdm 13bt rebuilt and streetported then going into my vert with a microtech lt10s. Came with a full trust td06 kit and im going for 400whp but keeping na trans and diff for as long as possible. I also have the stock vert wheels with brand new cheap falkens. Think ill be able to enjoy the 400whp or will i be living dangerously? lol

Super Jayain says:

1:18 LS1 got chopped haha

The C240 says:

what was all that spark in the last video

Sebastien Legoute says:

so a rotary engine built from used parts and eBay parts destroying the competition, and they say these engines aren't reliable smh..

SmileyFace :D says:

I am sooooo glad it beat that chevy camaro xD

ivan novoselac says:

One reason more to finish my 87 fc, wankel lives! Yeah!!!

ivan novoselac says:

Rx7 rules the world! No rotor no motor

Compeer Raa says:

Please bro remove the mechanical fan..its eating 30hp. two electric fans wont even use 1hp. So a massive performance gain just with your fan swap.

Ever Zamora says:


Robert Reid says:

cool car. more detailed video of it?

calin vasile says:

I would destroy that old RX7 whit my Ford Fiesta


In fuel economy

Mega Megatron says:

long live the mighty triangle

M4775K311 says:

the Evo and the Camaro were the closest it looked like

Martins Noname says:

Idle sounds like crap

Chad C. says:

The rotary is alive and well. Won't be too long before I get my hands on one…..

Lance Johnson says:

Subbed for sure, can't wait too put my s5 13bt in my 82 Mazda 626 CB2. It's the builder and tuner of these Hiroshima nuggets that make the difference. Great Cars.

Paul says:

Subbed this video is awesome

Christopher Murillo says:

so did this whole build cost 1000 dollars

L Dunco says:

dude get an exhaust! sounds like shit!!

Redastrin says:

how can you make a sleeper with ebay parts? xD

Hygoog says:

Sweet! I want to do this to my 1989 GTU. Will I get a similar result with my 6 port engine if I use this setup?

OG Drifter says:


Realoony says:

That idling is sweet 🙂

Karol Wojtas says:

Keep it up duds you doing big good pice of shit 😀

Gabe Hartman says:

Just what I have been looking for Subbed!

Michael Rodgers says:

which hotside AR did you go with? Seems like it would be the .96?

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