Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo track test | Bang for your Bucks 2015 | MOTOR

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It’s a straight- line king but corners aint its thing. We test what this Turbo 6 can bring to the party.

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primoaus says:

MOTOR MAG are a joke. Always downplaying the performance of the barra. bunch of fwits

si peet says:

guy has no idea your not in a formula 1 race car did dad get him his job

Anthony Flood says:

These blokes look like they wouldn't even know what an engine looks like. Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, judge.

AppleTechLikes says:

Who are these low life nerds? Always dissing the falcon

Plague Doctor says:

Nice audio mastering, retards.

Jairo Quezada says:

FORD……american band and sales cars like this turbo n super charged outside the US and does not sale the falcon to its original heritage born country to the US major key alert!!!! Ford u could win dodge n chevy if u bring cars like this n sale it around the world smh…we need lit AF cars like this in the US fuck the fusion fuck the eci boost give us something like this c-mon im eating my burrito with extra hot sauce to not give u guys alotta heat i taking most of it to not make u guys look like dumb dumbs

xr6t gtx says:

what point was this review? none zilch nada.

turb06 says:

I overheated a GTR at exotics racing in Vegas in 3 laps. So in that regard i wouldnt see that as a negative on the XR6.

Anti Warmist says:

It's not a race car you fuckwits. No one drives like that on public roads. Idiots.

Timothy Munyard says:

wow hanging shit on the brakes? mate i fucked my brembo breaks doing laps at Sandown. My nissan was stock and due to the shit tyres you have to use up your pads and discs! I wouldn't see and standard euro do well here. unless they had hudge brakes and heavy duty break fluid.

TheMightyFordFalcon says:

Well it's not a race car is it. It's a family sedan with cheap power! It's also entitled to be average 😛

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