Hoonigan RWB Porsche 911 Turbo

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A behind the scenes look at our photo shoot with the Hoonigan RWB Porsche 911 Turbo for eurotuner Magazine’s March 2012 issue. For the full feature check out…


Soprano313 says:

One of the nicest have seen!

Devilsclutch says:

The song is NY77- “All You Got”. Only takes a minute to look up fellas.

Wesley C says:

The tuner porsche 911 i’ve ever seen

coltsuperocean10 says:

…that is fuckin awesome!! looks like a 964? I could be wrong, maybe
earlier. That is simply to die for!!

ProjektFender says:

all you got – NY77

JJ says:

makeee buuuurnoooouts and do crazy-cool shit with your car! that is hooning!

tutibiri says:

Porsche’s the best, and FUCK the rest!!! Long live RWB!!!!

13Rcdrifter says:


ProjektFender says:


pe4urkapura123 says:

Why the nerve? I just saw resemblance and I haven’t seen the 964 (till
now), so keep your “idiot” comments for yourself.

DJs350H says:

what song is this?

Adrenaline filled dream says:

Bad ass!!

asyoulikeitvideos says:

Gorgeous. Can we see it hooning now?

Felix Müller says:

hardcore car porn <3

cristian821987 says:

thx bro

Nate Griffin says:

this is sex

letsgetretardent says:


29ryan49 says:

Can anyone tell me what wheels these are?

JimmyT says:

I dunno… maybe a little mix to the usual rally cars such as Mitsubishi,
Subaru & all of that… just putting it out there that’s all…

goodcar96 says:

Damnnnnn what a beauty!

Freddie Lenoch says:

I do not adequately understand what constitutes the formal act of
“hooning,” as it were.

terry m says:

That car is dead sexy


This is respectable.

Kevin Bodman says:

I would like to challange him

pe4urkapura123 says:

I’m pretty sure this is a 959, not an 911 turbo.

kain161718 says:

Why would they put it in a Dirt game?

Tashtan Tashtanov says:

Why the hell do I have Google+ button instead of like and dislike?

Joey Harward says:

Found it. watch?v=JnObC5Bhjmk

hondata70 says:

Bissi’s 911 is better, but I wish I had this one lol

Royce Morales says:

Hooning at its finest

DJ Grant says:

Beautiful car.

leadfoot driver says:

ken block would kill huimslef

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