New Spark Plugs in the Twin Turbo Hemi! – Garage Night: Episode 1

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Garage Night: Jacob Davis and Douglas Glad from HOT ROD Magazine explain why you want Iridium plugs in your high-performance HEMI.

Watch till the end to find out how to win a free year subscription to the magazine.


Michael Ball says:

Magazine is in the top drawer of yellow roll-away at 3:07. And nice video. Looking forward to more!

Russell Loyd says:

Please stop with the out of focus shots. Thank you.

PolarWolffy says:

Mint Dodge Demon! Such a stance!

Michael Gibson says:

top drawer of yellow tool box 3.08 in the video.

Al Mitchard says:

Good video keep doing more and maybe some of the magazine cars like that sweet 32 that was just on the cover

Joe Christopher says:

If you replaced Doug with the guy that was holding the magazine at the end it would've been a better show

Paulster2 says:

If by nothing else, you can tell by the comments … Meh.

Jim bo says:

Switch it to e85. No fouling, runs cooler and no pre detonation.

Barry Obler says:

Magazine is at 3:07

Dave Martin says:

that is one hell of a car!!
what ya got in the huuuuge safe at 5:00 ?!? guns and gold plated wrenches?!

Stalin says:

That is a nice looking car.
How much power does it make?

Joshua Emery says:

Rockin’ car!! I’d love to know more about it!

Jason Love says:

Love the Demon but why did you change the wheels?

BuckHunter014 says:

Thats a beautiful blue paint job on it, what color blue is it? And this may sound naive and yall already have a nice engine setup, but are yall gunna stroke it out or maybe down the line swap it out for the 2018 SRT Demon engine? With the pedigree of the demon heritage for drag racing, a demon inside the original demon sounds poetic and fitting but also sounds like a headache and a challenge to match, but with it already stripped out and drag ready, it would be a beast with it being so much lighter (me assuming) than the new demon/hellcat platform.

Jo Fa says:

Wicked excellent job guys

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