Nissan GT-R vs Porsche 911 Turbo PART ONE – CAR Magazine

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Nissan’s new GT-R battles the Porsche 911 Turbo around Rockingham. For the full story see the April 2008 issue of CAR Magazine, out 27 February 2008.…


200208195 says:

Why should it use AWD? I’m no fan of the ZR1, but RWD is not one of its

mermadeinheaven says:

The new GT-R Vspec will blow the ZR1 into the weeds while simultaneously
orbiting the moon. Yes, the ZR1 might have 620 hp, but the new GT-R has 550
hp + a weight reduction of about 150 – 200 kg (330-440lbs). ZR1 will have
to have something more amazing than 620 if it was to compete against the

R30deuce says:

they shoulda kept the proto front end. the concept front end is hurttt.

Michael D Petrisor says:

ur gay

mermadeinheaven says:

It wont make a difference. The 911 will still lose.

Andrei M says:

that driver guy is a pussy.

mermadeinheaven says:

Ben Barry is an everyday joe?

bigkckrva says:

Nissan been targeting Porsche back in the days, even with the Z cars back
in the days was beating Porsche. so for Nissan they weren’t breaking a
sweat beating the 911 turbo with the R35 GTR. im glad Nissan doesn’t talk
much about the next 2 model, cuz they like to keep everything in secretcy
in Japan, the best is yet to come….

8MunchenBayern8 says:

its funny how the driver cant exploit the benefits of a rear engined car..
who the fuck is the tester? we need a pro not some wanker.

ganuv says:

listen to these idiots comparing a nissan to a porsche.bunch a fucking

bigkckrva says:

cuz Nissan spent 6 yrs just sitting back and see what other car manufacture
brings out and the new GTR was STILL in development. so..yea thats why u
don’t see them in the Lemans and rolex, u can BET thats about to changed
sooon enuff buddy. prepare for the lighter version, (2 seat, 550 + hp)
V-Spec and Evo-Spec R35, Nissan saved the BEST for last. Nissan is
targeting UNDER 7:20 at the Nurb with the V-Spec version….

bulit184 says:

man i just love the new r35 but it just doesnt sound as good as the
porsche…needs some mods…but otherwise its one of my favorite cars.

netwerk23 says:

What a lame video!

mermadeinheaven says:

The new V-Spec GTR (to be launched this yr) is going to weigh 150kg(330lbs)
less, which will bring it down to around 1570kg(3454lbs), and will produce
around 550 hp. So it looks like Porsche will have to come up with something
better than the GT2 if they want to compete.

gepokomaru says:

Is not evo is Car

t734ry32 says:

NISSAN GT-R of JDM version has the speed limiter at MAX180 km/h. It is
impossible to turn off the speed limiter excluding the main circuit in
Japan. In a word, the Porsche turbo is inferior to GT-R on which handicap
is imposed.

Neil Winn says:

At the end of the day the porsche is a legend a real proper piece of kit.
One over the other it’d have to be the Turbo.

DrifterB2W says:

its currently impossible to upgrade in anyway really.. engine.. even
exhaust.. rims.. plus the speed limiter present in some markets. I imagine
some haxing may come around.

sycomantz says:

pcar fanboy just made the 911 beetle got its ass handed to it and it is
just a nissan which outperforms the 911 beetle

Michael D Petrisor says:

just admit that its a NISSAN ,not a supercar

fgfgh5h says:

Da hast du Recht! Die haben keinen Plan! Porsche ist und bleibt einfach die
Nummer 1, und daran wird auch kein Nissan, der von irgendwelchen Deppen
getestet wurde, was dran ändern! Wer einmal in seinem Leben einen Porsche
gefahren ist, weiß wovon er redet!

Brad Mason says:

When are the Brits and Japanese going to get some balls and test this car
against it’s best rival for the price…..the Z06 Corvette?

PT82 says:

What a pointless video. Basically we saw a porsche doing flying laps round
a circuit. Although he seemed to be sliding it round, which isnt the
fastest way to do a lap is it.

Ockenfels says:

yes -.-

mermadeinheaven says:

That could change with the release of the GT-R V-Spec model, which is
reputed to dish-out 550hp / 1570kg (3454lb).

aljo0069 says:

this ain’t no professional comparsion!

vanquish421 says:

Actually, that is the nickname given to the Porsche GT’s, like the GT3
because it is light and rear wheel drive, so a lot of people died in bad
weather conditions, like rain, hence the term “widowmaker”. However, a 911
Turbo has some of the most sophisticated AWD in the world and handles
better in the wet than a lot of RWD cars do on a dry day. So….get your
facts straight.

mermadeinheaven says:

True, they could have made one video instead of two i guess. Who knows what
the reason was.

brageritu says:

it have… a treecycle 🙂

mermadeinheaven says:

it’s just narrow mindedness really to think that the only people on the
earth who can make supercars are europeans.

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