Radical RXC Turbo 500 – faster than a McLaren P1? | evo LEADERBOARD

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Can the latest road-legal Radical top the evo Leaderboard? Does it beat the McLaren P1’s 1:11.2 lap time? You’ll have to watch to find out.


Patrick Archibald says:

I really love the Radical, so don't start attacking me. I'm surprised it weighs so much. A car similar to this, but with a Turbo Hayabusa engine, or something similar (H2R engine?), would be so much lighter. And before people start saying 'not enough torque', turbocharging would give the motorcycle engine heaps of torque. It's possible to get 350hp out of the Standard Hayabusa internals with a turbo, or 500hp+ with forged crank, lower comp pistons etc.


im reading some comehts about not being a true road car and such but i think the most importand thing to take away from this video is that you can buy a car faster than a P1 or 918 for 10% of the cost of one of these Hypercars. so for the everyday enthusiast who cant quit spend a Million+ on a car might get away buying one of those for a fraction and be able to have lots of fun

Roland Waites says:

The McLaren won't destroy it's front end the first time it drives on a real street.This car simply won't survive a day on a real street with speed bumps and parking lots that have drainage gutters made out of concrete that you drive over to go up into them.
Don't get me wrong,I love this car -as a street possible race track car but's a race track car-unless you have an endless supply of money to replace that front low wing on the car.

enrico fumi says:

McLaren p1 driver won't use it on a track

love the radical

Harry Axe says:

A stripped go cart can outperform? Really?

Terrance Adrian says:

Hasn't got a scratch on the P1 in terms of overall package.

The P1 is easier to live with and doesn't look like you have a race car parked on your drive.

It's going slightly outside the realm of road cars when it stops looking like a road car imo.

The Radical LOOKS like it was designed to create down force.

Lina Aerts says:

It looks. Exceptional. stitch bear What do you think, guys?


Missing any luxury that would make it a practical daily driver.

Jannis McB says:

iiiiii like iiiit

Just Chilling says:

If I won the lottery or had the funds I would buy this in a heart beat

WhatUwant? says:

Koenigsegg beat P1 lap record at the Spa

Daniël says:

Awesome performance! But I do wish they styled the car a bit better or maybe stretch the length so it could look like a Group C car such as the Jag or Merc… Or like a modern LMP1 car!

mercoid says:

I not buy this deth machine for nuthin

David Mason says:

what a boring cunt u are

Stuart Jones says:

i wanna see a caparo lapping angelsey, probably even a bigger gap than from the radical to the P1

yamahaevo says:

This is not a car. It's a go cart with roof. Cheating.

Nosy Peeking says:

ULTIMA GTR £50k secondhand…Evo just over £100k, I know which one I'd get.

reisman44 says:

Road legal doesn't mean it is properly a road car:legally it doesn't have to respect CERTAIN obligations,standards of high volume production roadcars and this allows the manufacturer to go flat out on certain technical=production solutions:the P1 isn't a high volume object BUT its construction respects high volume production requirements,this forces time and investiment in directions otherwise unecessary for a strictly performance based car such as this1:ALL of the various types of car crash tests(there R different certifications and each involves a number of them),sub0driving tests,desert temps trips,specific national obligations,INDUSTRY qualifications(involving things as simple as a lightbulb and its SUPPLIER,which noone ever speaks of and R VERY restrictive and the greatest obstacle 4anyone wanting to create a new car company).This is Y cars such as the P1 cost what they cost(marketing exclusivity BS is a hefty bit of it 2)and cars as this R registered as protos in many countries.

bfcricky says:

Motoring Journalism is a posh name for a load of bollocks

Michael Johnson says:

You're a very cute guy. Subscribed.

Willian Peng says:

This is basically a racing car with license plate on it.

Zombie4416 says:

LOVE the sound of that sequential gearbox holy shit

Abdulaziz Shanti says:

I think this better competes with the P1 GTR

Michael McDonald says:

More expensive than a Viper ACR and less usable on the road. Now the question is, is it faster? I want to see it go around some American tracks.

tja2k9 says:

its a fekkin animal , I want one oh yes. one of the fastest cars around the Nurburgring too!

Rafi Chowdhury says:

my absolute dream car

Brandon The Liar says:

Apples and Oranges.

Robert Llinares says:

souns like a gt 500 car

Steve Hash says:

EVO=sleeps with maclaren.. They come up with a new car new ecu new suspension and new tires and they get there time aprroved by EVO lol so sad..its like Motortrend and GM

Grindjuls says:

OK, then now please the 918 with race tyres !:)

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