Real Racing 3:- Exclusive Reveal Stage 03 Goal 5 TURBO BURST MAGAZINE Porsche Cayman GT4

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K9Koulla says:

I completed the goal successfully. Apparently, there is a glitch I have to do it again. Gave me the option to skip for free, which I did. Its annoying real racing 3 always have glitches.

Doug Masto says:

These are so helpful. Thanks for taking the time to put them up. Love the commentary too. Don't know how you can chat so easily while driving at the limit. Wish I could be as smooth as you. I think the 125 mph 15 times will be the big challenge for me on this stage.

Andi Levicky says:

Sweet dreams, Guru! Good to know you get some sleep!

Frowny13 says:

thanks for giving me a shout out but my name is actually pronounced "frony" not "frowny" and make sure "13" also.

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