Renaultsport Clio & 5 GT Turbo race. Who will win? Four generations do battle.

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In evo’s second tribute to Best Motoring, the team race four generations of Renault hot hatches at the Rockingham Circuit.

Jethro drives a 1985 5 GT Turbo, Le Mans winner Andy Wallace has a 1992 Clio Cup, Sebring winner Marino Franchitti competes with a 2000 Clio Cup and Dickie Meaden races the latest Clio Cup. Expect tyre smoke, turbo smoke, worn rubber and lots of excuses – but which car claims the overall victory?

Watch Best Motoring Mini Cooper race:

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Tadas says:

love it, do more

Jamie Wilkins says:

Love this. More please!
A solution to sand-bagging in qualifying could be to qualify each other's cars.

David C says:

Literally laughing out loud at this, was very entertaining to watch. You could replace the massive void left by best motoring and as others have said you could do a whole series of these including second hand cars with less than 150/200/300 hp etc. Too many car channels obsessed with newest and fastest, vast majority cannot afford those cars. We want attainable metal!

RDS Alphard says:

Am I watching EVO or Best Motoring ?

marcnews75 says:

Renault 5 gtt head gasket

Peter Kibarski says:

Look at the temp gauge of the 5 GTT at 9:40 . Guess they really were having overheating problems with those. Still cool as hell. :)

Ron Kim says:

civic type r s please!! :)

Dee T says:

All generations of Honda Civic Type-R's ( EK9, EP3, FD2, FD2-Mugen RR, FN2, FN2-Mugen and current FK2.)

Alexander Lancaster says:

Loved the editing style at the start

Bill Paxton says:

I had a GTT in 1994 as a 24 year old boy! Loved it. You just can't beat a small fast car! I now have a 9 year old Fiesta ST with just over 20,000 on the clock. May sell soon for something small and turbo…

Jonka Olofsson says:

"It seems that Minnie Mouse has taken over the clio, OOHOHOHO" i laughed so hard at that

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