This Is Why eBay Turbo Manifolds Are Garbage

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ebay Turbo manifolds are popular in the rotary community, our friend John Gleason at Glease Manufacturing in Canada gives us an in depth look as to why these manifolds should be avoided.

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Joe Shmoe says:

Do you sell your manifold on ebay? I guess we should avoid your's too

Gavin Bey says:

this is bullshit! i run an ebay manifold on my track car, i also made 700bhp on my 13b on an ebay manifold.

Juan Mares says:

instead of just studdering and crying about companies making money over them… show the performance differences which is what will get to people not you just sitting there talking

atlanticimports says:

You guys only do RX7 manifolds or any other makes? I'd like a thick walled uppipe for my single scroll STI if your up to it.

Antonio Stovall says:

great info even for non rotary guys,just good general turbo info…I got a little motion sick…but good info.


im running a small block chevy 350 with the efi fuel injection system and i want to run a single turbo what kind of turbo should i buy for it to run right

DerpaDerp says:

This guy makes some good points, and his stuff is groovy. However he's hilariously butt-hurt that chinese competition is making his prices look steep. Compete or fail. Its called capitalism.

HawkeyeSTiGuy says:

Looks like a lot of the people defending cheap, inferior, Chinese made junk don't want to admit that they wasted their money on junk. Lol. I'm not saying you should buy the most expensive parts out there, for most guys that is over-kill, but buy something built well. I have never seen anything cheap & Chinese made perform well. Typically those parts break, wear out &/or cause damage to other components.

Riley RR says:

Honestly just buy a cast iron eBay manifold. It will hold up. Or buy a tubular and have someone touch up the welds. It's not a "disadvantage" it simply "works with no extra performance advantage" and I think everyone understands that.

Pignut says:

eBay Turbos and eBay piping FTW !!!!!

Fab Social says:

First off? i would NEVER buy shit from ebay in the first place. even for car parts. Always turns out to be an catastrophic failure. As well as a bigger hassle to return the part if defective.

Richard Harris says:

your trying to sell your products, poor craftsmen always blames his tools, or in this case your competitors PRODUCTS, you sir are the bigger IDIOT for not realizing that, ps, twin scroll has been proven to NOT be an advantage to anything other than a max effort race engine. where are all these problem people? do you have a list, all of this is splitting hairs, of yeah 1 last question, how much MORE DOES YOURS COSTS? EXACTLY!!!

M M says:

No gussets, no braces, no joint reinforcements… no better than ebay. Welded manifolds will crack given enough time/stress.

Eddy G says:

E Bay sells everyone's parts..they don't manufacture anything… you want to show case your product.. guess its time for you to spend money on advertising huh..

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