Turbo Mercedes 190 E

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A highly modified Mercedes 190E is featured the issue out in April 2017!
Gatebil Magazine!


No Name says:

What engine?

Mishka Sibashvili says:

1:29 <3

ilya zakalinskiy says:


Mercedes W124 Profi says:

280 or 320 ? Nice Work can you Make an acceleration Video from 0-250? Thanks Bro !

Qayyum Zarich says:

Can i know what type of engine?

Yusuf Sedick says:

Is that the stock motor

Drift master says:

more videos about the 190e pls

TimmyS says:

Ohh my holy shit this is sooo nice made!!! Ive got an 190e myself and mine should look almost the same like this one

PHOTO4STYLE Sebastian jankowski says:

give me link to this wheels ?
They are nice one

mash drop says:

Fantastisk bil

BlackBox says:

Nice car! 🙂

Alex C says:

Cool car! How much power does it has at wich boost? greetz

KFN Racing says:

Very nice. I love this car!

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