Turbo Suzuki Hayabusa

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Super Streetbike’s Stage 2 turbo Hayabusa walk around and on the dyno.


Johnny Appleseed says:

Wheres the 'ride around the block'?

Ron Hutchcraft says:

What a shitty video, a bunch of crap and no street time! Shitty bike.

toob247 says:

This music murdered this

DrKing says:

moto do caralho! não me canso de admirar esta maquina! eu com uma dessas no brasil se não morresse em uma semana não morria mais nunca! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

MR ROX 7 says:

hahahhaha nice men i love this whellllll spinnnnnn gear 3 hahah nice man love turbo POWER!

Cedric Whittley says:

i have a 10000

Steve B says:

I just picked one of them up… Looking into playing with a turbo set up. I had no idea they were hitting over 400hp. My r1 was dyno proven just under 160. I thought that was fast but Damn. I've been missing out.

mrsuperbuckets says:

Ugliest bike ever made!

suncheets1 says:

#1 How much does the bike weigh?

#2 I thought you were taking the bike out for a ride around the block

demon39063 says:

What's with the loud music?  Why do you need music at all.  I'd rather just listen to the bike and to the guy talking about it.

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