TurboPlay Issue #1 – June/July 1990

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Episode 53 – TurboPlay was the first magazine released in North America dedicated to NEC’s pseudo-16-bit sit system, the TurboGrafx-16. Published by LFP and edited by the same folks who put out Video Games & Computer Entertainment, each of the 14 bimonthly issues of TurboPlay was only 32 pages long, but had a cover price of just $1.95 and a yearly subscription rate of 10 bucks.

This issue really highlights the fact that in it’s time and place, the TurboGrafx-16 was a legit contender against the Sega Genesis. Games like Neutopia, Galaga 90, Bonk’s Adventure, The Legendary Axe, and the great R-Type easily held their own against analogous offerings on the Genesis and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

While any arcade footage featured on the show is recorded using emulators, all footage of TurboGrafx-16 games was recorded using actual hardware. RGB video was upscaled through a Framemeister and captured with my trusty old Elgato Game Capture HD.

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Show notes:

– This video was lent to the show by Bryan in Chapel Hill, NC. Thanks Bryan!

– This video serves as an appetizer-of-sorts for the “TurboGrafx-16 in 1989” video, which will be out within the week.

-Much of the box art for this video came from the PC Engine Software Bible, which you can find at pcengine.co.uk. Some of the box art I had to scan myself, because there are no good quality scans on the internet. Thanks, internet!

– This is the second CGQ video to be sponsored by Dollar Shave Club. Thanks, DSC! You guys are helping keep these “Let’s Read” shows on the air!

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All video game footage featured on Classic Gaming Quarterly is recorded from actual game hardware, unless otherwise noted. As of episode 35, it is recorded in RGB using an XRGB Mini Framemeister and an Elgato Game Capture HD. Prior to that, it was recorded in s-video using am RGB to s-video encoder and a DVD recorder. All videos are edited on a Mac Pro using Final Cut Pro X.

Most box art featured in CGQ videos comes from The Cover Project (www.thecoverproject.net). Check them out for all of your video game insert needs. Other box art and magazine scans come from Matt Henzel Video Game Obsession (www.videogameobsession.com). Many, many other photos appear thanks to Wikimedia Commons and Evan Amos.

Theme music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod: (www.smartsound.com/royalty-free-music/i­ncompetech)

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Classic Gaming Quarterly says:

– The "TurboGrafx-16 in 1989" episode will be out in just a few days!
– If you stick around after the end credits, I put in a little blooper reel of me having trouble recording the intro.
– I tried to have more fun with the Dollar Shave Club spot in this episode. Hopefully it's more entertaining to watch.
– Thanks to Bryan from Chapel Hill, NC for lending us his copy of TurboPlay #1.

Sinn0100 says:

2 things…How are we supposed to know the Side Arms guy is qualified to shoot aliens and stuff without his collegiate ring…see there now we know. Lastly, you did not review or even talk about JJ and Jeff…okay you dont have to talk about JJ and Jeff, no one has to talk about JJ and Jeff ever again. Those idiots might be wearing a suite but without their rings from college they are a pair of uneducated morons (I think morans would have been funnier quip but I do have a college ring so)…;)

Arcade Perfect says:

I like the combat in ys just because it's so fast, I tend to find the combat too slow in other rpgs

Benny McGhee says:

In 1991, I somehow convinced my best friend to buy a TG-16 just so I could have access to all the big systems of the day. I had the SNES, another friend had a Genesis, but I needed a sucker to pick up the Turbo. It was a terrible system as we came to find out, and I have never stopped apologizing for making him buy it. To this day he has never forgiven me!

Marcos Corona says:

Did anyone else check to see if KLAX was older than TETRIS?

TheFireLizard says:

And yes I owned neutopia 1 and 2. It did feel very zelda like. But to me the player control was what was really good. And in the first one it was the 4 way stuff like zelda 1. But neutopia 2 was more like zelda 3 on snes as far as player control. So I kind of felt like zelda 2 on nes should have been more like neutopia 2 on tg16. It improved on the first without changing the whole game. Zelda didn't do that until link to the past on snes. So while neutopia is considered a zelda clone, they got their sequel right. The original zelda dropped the ball on their part 2 and picked it up with their snes retelling of the original story. Legend of zelda link to the past. But compairing the 2 games by player control. Neutopia 2 is more like link to the past. But I will say.. It feels kind of slow compaired to link to the past. But that makes sense because of hardware. the tg16 was an 8bit processor with a 16bit video card. So some of the chip games have snes quality graphics but nes speed. But tg16 was still competing with 8bit nes and sega master. so it still looked better than both. It just never seemed to sell in USA, So even in the late 90;s it was hard for me to try and collect it. I relied heavily on TZD, Before that there was this one place that had chip games new and were trying to get rid of them so I remember buying double dungeons dungeon explorer1 and silent debuggers, and I think all three games total were maybe 30 something bucks. And a store called Phar Mor who had a rental was going out of business so they were selling all their used cart only rental stuff cheap. I got a ton of tg16 chip games from them. But no manual or case just the chip. But 2 and 3 dollars a piece. I remember going in one day and coming out with 8 or 9 games for maybe 12 bucks. I also had fighting street. I think it was the only cd game I got from phar mor. I know i got it used, and I know I had the same issue where the special moves for me were hit or miss. But my friend seemed to be able to do it any time he wanted. so yeah.. The controls are akward but not impossible. And as for valis. Yeah basic side scroller. good music. I owned and beat YS book 1 and 2 it was one of the pack ins I got when I ordered my turboduo from TZD. and yeah the combat. Its ported from an older japanese home computer so that is kind of why it's like that. But the tg version on cd is so worth playing for the music… wait music.. that honestly is the reason to play all these old turbo grafix and turboduo cd games. AWESOME MUSIC! This system had very good music especially the cd games.

TheFireLizard says:

Oh yeah. I ordered a TurboDuo from TZD back in the late 90's it came with one of those magazines in the pack in. It was the issue that had the lords of thunder cover art, and it mostly covered the new "SCD" games. But it was well done and had nice art and game reviews. Felt kinda advertisey though

ben wilson says:

That DSC spot was great.

Nash Lancer says:

I loved the Turbographix16. I only had 3 games for it when I was a kid.
Splatterhouse my favorite Turbo game.
Ninja Spirit was an awesome Ninja Gaiden 3 clone.
Legendary Axe good game awesome music.

The Backlog Odyssey says:

Super fun episode! I love flipping through old gaming magazine and looking back on what gaming was like when I was youngin'. I especially find it fascinating to see these magazines based around consoles I know very little about. I mean, I remember seeing advertisements for the Turbografx but I never had the opportunity to get my hands on one and play it.

Getting one of my very own is still on my gaming bucket list!!!

DarthEquus says:

Pac-Land was based off the Pac-Man animated series from 1982-83 made by Hanna-Barbera. It even uses the same theme as the cartoon!

Jubei Kibugame says:

TurboGrafx was the first console I bought with my own money specifically to play R-Type. I played the crap out of it. Thanks!

Dadio says:

interesting video ,

Juan Ayala says:

My 1st game system was turbo graphic 16 back in 92, man what a mistake that was.

BenDoverman says:

That Legendary Axe ad was instantly recognizable even after all these years of not seeing or thinking about it. Back then it was always something I "drooled" over because I liked to daydream about having a 16-bit system and ads like this did a good job of showcasing the superior graphics of such systems.

b woobs says:

Relaxing, interesting, nostalgic, etc. Thank you, keep up the great work

Norberto Castro says:

Man i love your videos so much. Awesome. I will send you a postcard from my city in Portugal.

Gorilla Jones says:

Oh man, I still have a few of these in my magazine archive. I luckily have every Gamefan except the first issue. This was great, I feel sad for today's kids as there is no wonder left. I so looked forward to my monthly magazines and the wonders within.

Jason Montell says:

Such an underrated channel. Deserves thousands of more subscribers

Ralf Van Bogaert says:

Keep 'em coming!

glenn t says:

if only I could go back to 1990 and be 10 years old again

Gaijillionaire says:

Doraemon (pronounced do-rai-mon) is the robot cat from the future! He has a magic pocket that he can pull anything out of and came to the 20th century and became friends with Nobita. It’s on tv every Friday at 7pm right before Shin-chan

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