A VAG-COM (VCDS) Alternative has Arrived!

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For years VAGCOM or VCDS has been the clear leader in the VW and Audi space when it comes to scan tools. This was anything from coding, to performing adaptations, basic settings, code scanning, erasing faults and more.

We now have a new option which can give you most of what you need to replace or be an alternative to getting a vagcom cable.

OBDeleven Pro Scan Tool HERE

Tablets that DID Work with the OBDeleven

Aceson Tablet was around $44 (IMPORTANT NOTE)
we have heard from customers who have tried this that some of these models do not work with the App. Its unclear at this time why or if there have been changes making this tablet OK on ours.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite

Tablet that DID NOT Work with the OBDeleven
RCV Voyager II

This was shot at our location
18525 Statesville Rd
Unit D4
Cornelius NC 28031

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Peter Twiss says:

What a poor thought-out product, wow … requires a data plan? WHY? credits? email? this is bananas … just take my $ and scan my fucking car … make a product which is no hassle. I am trying to focus on fixing a car … not adding email, confirmation, credits, this is all a distraction. I'd rather buy VAG-COM for $199 and not deal with BS. By the way VAG-COM will be more reliable than this.

Quiet Gameplays says:

would this work for disable the daily lights in the vw gti 2009

irre levant says:

Bought one didn’t get my ten credits.. I’m pissed.

Rohit Saxena says:

Hi, I am based out of India and having an Audi A6 3.0 TDI. If I purchase yhis from US will this device and software work on my car here?

yianni laskos says:

As mechanic always looking for new ideas new toys, listening to the presentation it looks like a bad idea the VCDS from Ross it has an amazing tech support that will help you troubleshooting and give solution to your concern about the vw or audi cars …… on top of that its covering 100% the new cars as well as all system and sub systems…..good luck …..

triblackcorvette says:

Why would I want to pay and then buy credits. Not me

Ivan Štrbac says:

No for the iPhone/iOS?


Is there anything like this for performance tuning your car? Something like the Subaru/Cobb set up except for audi?

Miguel Barinas says:

Hi, I am just wondering, if you buy an app with the credits it is a one time use only? I have to buy credits every time I want to use the app? Or it is a pay one time only and use it whenever you want?

Igor Todorovic says:

With those softwares can you program a key for say a 2012 Vw cc ?

mrdouble99 says:

Would i be able to lower the suspension on my C7 S6 whit this ?

influxvision says:

Hi there, how can I enter the BEM battery code on a '07 Audi Q7 3.6L ? I cannot find the option, thanks.

Stan Cousins says:

Does it work with the stream 7 tablet ..thanks in advance

Bob Xziang says:

New vw owner here so obviously the price has gone up 20.00 since the vid. Bummer

pochitoo 88 says:

I need help, i installed the oem european spec xenon headlights from a mk4 r32 into my us model with hakogen headlights, do i need to recode them for the car to send proper voltage to xenons?? Or will i fry any components??

pling501 says:

OBD 11? What happened to obd 3-10 Hmmm, Its obdII roman numeral which means 2 lol

David Silva says:

@Deutsche Auto Parts , There is one item I'd like to access that must be done normally with VCDS and I'd like to know if it can be unlocked or enabled with this device. Simply put, I want to activate the hidden green menu in my MMI 3G system. Thanks!

Dominic Salazar says:

Can you do a dpf delete

Vince H says:

Is there a way to get the amber turn signal to work?

Jeffrey Bishop says:

Can I use this if I want to remote start the car and or use the remote key fob to roll down/roll up windows and also open and close the sunroof if so equipped?

Brian Lane says:

You lost me at credits.

Billy Shears says:

How much $$$ are credits?

Fred Flintstone says:

VCDS is a mature product and is maintained and provides constant updates. Any scanning diagnostic system requires constant updates. If software is very cheap this usually means 'no useful support', 'no updates', 'limited functions'. Two things will happen, the company will eventually find a way to charge you more money which will make it's advantage over VCDS moot, or they will eventually go out of business because the cost model won't work.
You get what you pay for. Don't waste your time and money, get VCDS. I've had it for 9 years with no complaints.

Fast & Scotish says:

Does this work in the UK?

Fidel Ahmadinejad says:

This product is ass. When it does connect, plan on spending an hour waiting for the "scan". The insults don't end there. This "coding" is was written my slow monkeys. Tech support is a joke.

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