AWE Tuning Track Exhaust Sound Clips for VW GTI MK7

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After the AWE Tuning Exhaust installation video, I realized that the sound clips at the end really didn’t do justice. So here is a full sound clip video of the AWE Tuning Track Catback Exhaust compared to the stock catback on my VW MK7 GTI!!! Enjoy the video. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe!!!!!

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Jacob Gooden says:

Aaahhh so peaceful

cj jernigan says:

just got this for my mk6 gti. sounds the same. love it

Young Rios says:

I hope my mk6 sounds like this I'm getting that next week ..but it isn't called track

John Parducci says:

have you tuned your car yet? planning on any other mods? I have a mk6 gti but after seeing the power potential from these mk7s i think its time for an upgrade

IAmJorgeP says:

Huge difference!

Aaron Benavidez says:

Are your tails tinted? Have the same exhaust and love it, I know a downpipe will set it off!

German Driver says:

Any drone in the cabin?

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