COBB Tuning – Transforming Volkswagen Tuning, Coming 3.22.16

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Stay Tuned, 3.22.16

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GTiGuy says:

I dont need it
i dont need it
i dont need it

Cobb, want to sponsor me and give me a package for free?

Allerum says:

Soooo since your dealing with the VAG computers does that mean Audi is coming?

yourfast07 says:

It's definitely something I really want, still waiting for your k04 software. My question is, I currently have k04 HPA software, is it possible to switch softwares between Cobb and back to HPA ?

Yevvy0000 says:

Hi, do you support mk6 gti CCZB (Australian spec) motor? Thanks

Mason says:

Gen 3 Mk6 GLI?

Flaky80 says:

I am wondering how the access port would affect my car's bumper-to-bumper warranty, and power-train warranty? As well as the necessary parts for higher tuning, and how I could make sure I don't lose warranty for my MK6. It was certified pre-owned at a VW dealership. An answer would be great because I just got this car 40k miles. I'm aware every dealership is different, but maybe some tips? I am very interested in tuning my car!

Gli_Fahrenheit says:

MK5 gti/gli ??

ApexR35 says:

well awesome the mk6 gets 1 but the mk5 doesn't. I own a 07 gti will they come for a mk5 or not??

Christian Puckerin says:

is there gonna be any support for the mkv FSI motors ? really would love it !!

Tyler Lawrence (Radvr6t) says:

Looking forward to this for the Gen 3 TSI –2014 Gli I have 🙂

Jonathan C says:

mk7 please

Will Reedy says:

Dude I'm so excited for this I'm buying one when they launch

Patrick Ryan says:


jester w says:

bring on the mk7 ap

Miguel Torres says:

anything for the mkv??

DknowlesPhotography says:

Your camera had a sensor issue, pixel is out in most shots. Just letting you know.


plz make an access port for the BRZ..

VipAlexS says:

What about MK7… I own the MK7 Land page and a lot of people would like this. :)

motech records says:

still no accessport for Audi?

Ben “scarface16134” Lawson says:

please do the Genesis coupe

John Quinto says:

Please please make a e85 blend map for this!

TheDustyaman says:


paul andres says:

Great work!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the vw brand grow from this. Hopefully you incorporate the other models as well in the future. Kudos Cobb keep it up!

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