ECS Tuning VW/Audi Turbo Muffler Delete DIY

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Turbo Muffler Delete available here:

All too often OEM components sacrifice performance in an effort to appeal to a wide variety of customers. While an enthusiast typically wants better boost response and more power, all while hearing the turbocharger breathe, a non-enthusiast may give up these characteristics for a quieter ride.

In the case of the factory turbocharger, a turbo muffler is positioned at the compressor outlet and is designed to reduce engine bay acoustics. With the ECS Turbo Muffler Delete Pipe Kit, the factory turbo muffler is removed and replaced with our straight-through delete pipe. This increases flow and turbocharger working sound by creating a smooth transition between the turbo outlet and intercooler pipe inlet.

A smooth, CNC machined transition ensures flow is optimized for the best results as well as a replacement Viton O-ring is included for optimum sealing capacity. The entire assembly is CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and then anodized black for long lasting protection.

Kitted with our included Silicone Turbo Outlet Coupler, you’re also gaining a 4-ply reinforced silicone coupler with heavy duty Clampco stainless steel T-Bolt hose clamps for an easy, direct fit replacement that won’t blow off! Capable of withstanding greater heat and higher boost pressure than stock, you can expect to achieve greater reliability, less turbulence and less restriction.


ECS Tuning says:

Turbo Muffler Delete available here:

Romano Karman says:

You didn't use the rag to cover the intake pipe.

Adam james says:

any deletes for a 1.6 audi a3 tdi engine code is CRKB?

RRHMJ23 says:

Can u have this installed along with a blowoff valve or wastegate?

04Interc3ptorP71 says:

At least the turbo is more accessible on the Audi's. One key thing they left out is you will be doing a whole lot of swearing due to the hidden bolts you have to deal with on the way.

George Madramootoo says:

Can you Guys show this install on a gen3 1.8t tsi for Passat 2015-17.

Joseph Vega says:

Does anyone understand how hard this shit is!!!!! I’ve been messing around with this for the past 4 hours!!!!!!Dammit!!!

KrankenWagen LLC says:

At 3:44 ouch!!!! Lol great video thanks

Mr Self says:

Isnt it a 5 mm for the TMD bolts?

Abdullah says:

Is the stock o ring that in the turbo must be applicated cause it dropped over the engine and i just installed without it will it gonna make any boost leaks or somthing? (O ring in the TMD is installed)

TXMK7 says:

Anyone know which wheels are on the GTI in the video? Thanks

The Euro Ricer says:

Does this work for the 1.8t?

Etsuko the Miata says:

They never make a anything for the jetta 1.4 tsi

Mike Palmer says:

Why can I not find any videos for the turbo muffler delete for the FSI

gurbeer athwal says:

Anddddddddddd im buying it

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