Installing An OBD2 Tuning Chip… Will it work? | Volkswagen Mk4 GTI

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In this video we install the new OBD2 tuning chip as well as show you the difference between stock and with the chip.

This is a troll yo, all yall be gettin salty

Current GTI mods
-Cold air intake

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AJHL Tuners says:

Ya'll need to chill, of course we knew it wasn't going to work. Also, the car we used does not belong to the driver. That's why he was bad at shifting.

Der Kerl says:

This was disapointing… No Scientifical proof or method… What the hel is a 2nd to 60run… Very bad… Grow up guys

AFCA020 says:

u want a decent remap ? contact me, because this obd thing of yours is totally crap…

Christian Garza says:

dumb ass you need to drive the car for 160 miles so the chip can read how you drive the car and then it will work if you driving and shifting like shit then you are fuck all the way around just get a auto

Jared 102 says:

All that thing does is light up a light don't waste your money

Jared Shelton says:

Ugh, not another ricer.

deepak jalimsing says:

Its fucking fake on dyno 0 pk no full save

Haydar Neal says:

Even if it did work your car still slow af

PKpixel says:

Ah, to be young and stupid.


They are literally just LED controllers. that's all they are.

Abe Ibrahim says:

I wish you do your videos WITHOUT music, this way one can really listen to the engine where it counts.

Nefty Lefty says:

fuck you and your piece of shit jetta

Performance Chip Reviews says:

Complete crap. Debunked here:

PatrioticBiker says:

this is why fuckbois dont make review vids

Alex Chivulescu says:

i'm pretty sure that ain't a golf IV, it's a Volkswagen Bora

shiftya4 says:

You need limited knowledge to know this is fake. A universal map, just for any obd car lol. Crazy I hope whoever is selling these things makes no money

Andrew Maynard says:

Plugging that shit into a car dose sod all go get a remap

Marc O'Neill says:

1.8t make that beautiful oooowwoooooppp noise because 20vlol

Your DADDY says:

You shift like a granny

Honda Rider 26 says:

my 80 year old grandpa drives harder than that damn granny shifting if your gonna test it redline the damn car and do it from a dig to get a 0-60 time

Jay says:

you should get that chip n throw into the trash where it belongs ya know lol

branwerks says:

I went to InstantHP website. I didn't have to input make, model, year ………. nothing. How can this work ? If I buy a modded ECU, I can't just throw something in from any make/model/year etc.

80.8f betta club oahu grown says:

Fake. Just like your puffy gay lips for sucking it

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