OBDeleven ECU Box Code Scanning for VW and Audi Tuning

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Often times people are looking for tune a vehicle but need the “Box Code” of their ECU to verify that software is available. This video shows you how to check the Box Code using the OBDeleven Scan tool.

OBDeleven Scan Tool for VW and Audi’s

Common Model for Tuning VW and Audi

MK7 GTI Tune

MK7 Golf R Tune

MK7 Golf 1.8t

VW CC 2.0t Tune

MK6 GTI Tune

MK6 Jetta GLI Tune

Audi S3 8V Tune

Audi S4 B8 or B8.5 3.0t Tune

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Dennis Tario says:

That is exactly what happened on my gen 3 GLI. I bought the uni connect and had to return it because my ecu box code was one of the early ones they did not have a tune for. Unitronic told me to take the car to the dealer and get an ecu update and then wait for new software to be released but I never ended up doing it. My car is also rare because you have to remove the turbo to change DV. I wish they would have just put the new GTI engine in the GLI.

Gli_Fahrenheit says:

Can you do a video in what things we should check to make sure the car is running good after getting a Tune. like knock, afr, timing… using VCDS or OBd11.

Cyril Matthew says:

sir …when I tuned my polo 1.2mpi … after installation ..the car

TOPTRADER007 says:

What do you prefer 5W40 Liqui Moly Leichtlauf High Tech 2332 or Motul 8100 X-Cess 5W40

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