Performance VW Chip Tuning – 101 – Charlotte NC

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In our video today we are going over performance software tuning on VW models. This is a basic overview of performance chip tuning and software and is gear towards someone who might not be very familiar with chip tuning or performance software on many VW models.

Take a look here for MK7 GTI Tuning info

This video was filmed at our facility
Deutsche Auto Parts
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Unit D4
Cornelius NC 28031

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Jeff King says:

You didn't mention TD1 at all…

Deutsche Auto Parts says:

@ Sifei Liu assuming you have a CC or Passat this should give you the info youre looking for on a 3.6

derekjlight says:

Hey Paul that new intro is killer.

Sifei Liu says:

Any idea how much the 3.6 fsi engine will gain after the upgrade?

Logicalx says:

Never get a generic map, always go down the route of getting a fully custom remap to get the best out of your engine!
New subscriber, loving these videos!

zues2013 says:

Voided warranty awaits you

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