Photoshop CC – Virtual Car Tuning – VW Beetle

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Car Tuning with Photoshop CC
Auto Tuning mit Photoshop CC

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game channel says:


guaire negrin says:

What's wrong with the front wheel?? lol

Glitch 0110 says:

can you do the bmw e92?

Orzan Catalin Marian says:

When you selected the front wheel to make the rims bigger you foroget to select a part.

le dank meme says:


order now 6.99$ in

Valdis Dzenis says:

can you do BMW M3 E36

By Selim Elemenli says:

where is my opel astra 1998 ? 😀 2 years

HardGaming 32 says:

what music

koeningseggcraft says:

Nice video 🙂 btw i have made a virtual tuning montage of some of my cars i have made plz check my channel out 🙂 thx

Tóth Kristóf says:

This car is very ugly, but nice job!

Super - Rocket League says:

u should have more views
amazing work there!
maybe renault laguna or scenic next?

STG Performance says:

Hallo Domi, ich mag deinen Beetle, aber die vordere Felge hat einen Fehler und am hinteren Kotflügel kann man noch den ursprünglichen Kotflügel sehen, aber sonst echt top!

LautyRiver100 says:

hello I would like to know that brush used to go dark by little. I thank you if you tell me

Valeri Ballestar says:

I recommend you to watc Silvercraft60 channel, he does virtual tuning too.

By Selim Elemenli says:

Good Job

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