Tuning Cars Arriving at a Car Meet! VW Golf 5, GTI, R32, Subaru Impreza, Supra & More!

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Last weekend I have visited a car meet in Belgium. The meet was all about tuning (wheels and suspension). Some amazing cars where present, like a widebody Volkswagen Golf, widebody Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Scirocco, Golf 6/7 R, GTI, Audi RS4 Avant and many many more!

Which car looks insane? Let me know by leaving a comment behind!

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Gumbal says:

Are you a fan of slammed cars?

Willy Waldbrand says:

German cars are dirty

B34TZZ says:

7:36 i think that car is transformer look how glitchy it is

Likandria says:

someone knows the Rims from the TT at 25:29?

el presidente says:

lot of cars with destroyed axles.

Doc. FunkBlack says:

What is that 'XNRNY' meaning?

Hunter S says:

Die Spacken können so viel an ihren Golfs rum tunen wie sie wollen, es bleibt am Ende des Tages trotzdem bloß ein Golf 😀

Sha Cloon says:

8:56 das richtige Kennzeichen für einen Tuner

Sha Cloon says:

Fart parade

OGZY 07 says:

13:17 golf 5 FSI

ViiralDzn says:

No R32 revs 🙁

DOX Media says:

I need to know what wing was on that Mk5 @ 13:17 – I want one on mine.

Moha Ksentini says:

nice wv golf

Anel11 says:

ooo my good I love vw

Garry Chesebro says:

what is that audi with the taxi symbol?

Yeetus Yeetus says:

Why you skipping the Vw Beetle's

Thomas Luczak says:

Too much vag in this video


Hey man don't create video more than 20 minutes it makes me bore

manuel santos albuquerque Albuquerque says:

Gosto yuotub

eeehmm what says:

Theres a thin line between Tuner and Ricer

krebs says:

God the car scene is belgium is the worst. they just put a set of rims on their car and call it a build lmfao

jjsteer91 says:

Guarantee that car park became just a cloud of vape smoke

Filip Wysocki says:

So much rice

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