VW Golf MK1 Tuning Project 2012

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VW Golf MK1 How we make it.. by zErosix.

– Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow
– Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

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Азамат Койчуманов says:

Ну да классное машина не каждый так может

BaxGames VedoxHD says:

Svaka cast :D

Michael Dieselstar says:

Aberdeen Music gut

Dédé LABINOUZE says:

Dat hood man x')

Aldina Zulic says:

Imas laik zato sto si iz BiH, ali inače nije bas ponredosljedu radjeno :))
Baci tu haubu i stavi original!!
Pozz Ado

Adin Glavic says:

rodjo sta uradi od njega

BroTatos33 says:

Dahin gepfuschte Kiste.

Ali Ozdemir says:

Angry birds

Alaa Beydoun says:

umm… what's this song's name? i recognize that these are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but i'm not familiar with that song… would be grateful if you share the song's name :)

VR6 says:

Gdje se nalazi ovaj Golf ?

Dmitri Felbinger says:

Nice tuning where the before is actually is better than the after! Well done…

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