★Subaru Impreza WRX & STI History★

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Hey guys, sorry I’ve been busy with my day job and working on this video has taken a slight backseat. It was one of the most challenging history videos I’ve done so far and I had to cut portions out because it was reaching 20minutes. Hope you all enjoy this history video of the Subaru WRX & STI!

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Chicken Finger says:

2009 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Hatchback is my dream car tbh

badman3355 says:

FHI must revive the legendary SVX with new technology and a power upgrade

Raider Of The Lost Fart says:

the 08-14 Models are the best looking ones

Niko Junginger says:

thank you very much 😀

Ayman Lockhart says:

3rd generation was biggest down fail

Ayman Lockhart says:

Boxer motor are awesome!

Charlie Sharkey says:

My brother had a 1998 Subaru impreza rs

AsianDriver WithContacts says:

so what is the proper name for the the first sti? the one that followed immediately after the 555? is it obtainable in the US?

MrLedshot says:

The hawk eye is my Dream car

Tracey Allen says:

The next wrx will be the 5th gen impreza chassis. Global platform. Its much stiffer than the last ones.

Shobin Drogan says:

Like the others said, the sound effects need to be at a lower volume otherwise amazing stuff.

Jin C says:

OMG this punch sound.. why so loud – good video though. Thanks!

Taylor Torri says:

Fantastic video! I love my 2005 Blobeye WRX and it's fun to get some more information on it's predecessors and successors. Now if only I could get my hands on a GC8! Those are gorgeous!

Jeremiah P says:

That's the beauty of Subaru ALL WHEEL DRIVE!

infin8 mick says:

Great informative video on the history of the wrx, Thanks 🙂

Jae Jo says:

My dad has a wrx sti

DK Drives says:

Interesting evolution of Subaru. Got myself a bugeye and im happy with it. But subaru tho has its common problems like the spark plugs which are difficult to change if it is your first time. Blowing up head gaskets and they dont like to race start….
But at the end a verx unique car to daily drive…and thats the cool thing about this car. Its properly fast even stock. It looks fantastic and it has no problem daily driving it. 🙂

AWDfury says:

Any info on the jdm 2002 wrx STi limited? Just ordered one from Japan haha

Wes Miller says:

I think you did a solid job on this video. Thank you

CJRhoades says:

Your picture at 11:32 is incorrect. That's a 5th gen 2017 Impreza chassis code GT/GA.

Retro Car says:

Good work but the sound effects were way to loud.

Jasper Cain says:

It's like every time he blinks he closes his eyes for around 2-3 seconds

Paul Anderson says:

Thanks for posting this. Very interesting. 🙂

004spaw says:

I have a 2003 JDM Version 8 "Blob eye"Sti. It is MY 2002.

Carlton Sirewu says:

only reason why I'd buy a Subaru is because of it's association with the WRC but now that they pulled out, probably won't bother, I'll stick to the bus and I'll probably get abused for this but I'll go ahead and say it – those bug eye models were ugly great video though

Bacta Black says:

I must get a 22b the second it US legal. It's my favorite variation of the Impreza.

Ric James says:

Missed most of the japanese model sti versions, didn't point out that the U.S. spec sti got the 2.5 without forged pistons or that the 3rd gen had Double wishbones rear and the older had multi link. This guy is not a car guy and what's with his hair? No coverage for RB winning in 2001and that 1st gens were for 9 years not 8.

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