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I finally did it after months of saving for car parts for my 2015 Subaru WRX, I bit the bull and ordered the Deatschwerks DW300c fuel pump and Cobb Flex Fuel kit. Dyno tune is still in the scheduling process, but I hope this gives the car a new feeling like they all say.

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ROKBLOKZ MUD FLAPS (BLACK, SHORTZ): http://amzn.to/2ugHW8e
AUXBEAM LIGHT BAR: http://amzn.to/2sgss4d


MrHrGGaming says:

Honestly you are inspiring me to get a A6300 and a Ronin M I love how you edit your videos and I'm really close to buying a WRX aswell maybe we can talk more when I get one and we can exchange techniques

msk nuked says:

Which one is the link for those high beams. So much love

OfficialDJMixMusic says:

I have a 2016 WRX Premium pro tuned on RCE yellows and I'm having the steering issue as well. It almost feels like it's binding and not losing power steering. You ever figure out the issue?

vinh tran says:

What part of Washington are you from? I’m relocating for work in a few weeks! Now I’m super stokeddddd

Cali WRX says:

aw yea man!!!

Driven NW says:

This rain right now sucks a big one…


Miss my Subi. Have you driven a Miata???

Anthony Gobeil says:

What front lip is that? Looks great!

nrstreak says:

You would think with all the hippies in the PNW we would have more E85 stations… Only reason I have not gone E85 yet

Andrew Thomson says:

Have the same mods. You don't need to dermal the ridges. Just cut the white stock plastic spacer. I would get it e-tuned by Ron @ phatbotti if you don't want to wait. I was tuned on E53 361whp/350WTQ

LouisGmedia says:

 I'm waiting until a HPFP is released so I can run it without the fear and headache of the HPFP burning out.

Silent Driver says:

@0:15 you said this is your 2013 subaru wrx…..

Jose Zamora says:

Yo invisa glass is a real good glass cleaner brunt safe with rainX is what I do works great

NinjaxBart says:

Verrry nice bro!!

white line fever says:

Sweet parts and vid. Not a fan of E-85 but it's advantages are nice. As for me I'd prefer Meth inject or water inject.

Ronnel Santos says:

Been a long time sub of yours JR! Would love to see a Q&A and a POV of you doing some spirited driving before the winter comes.


Knife Fiend says:

Have the same pump in my 16 works great, been running it for about 5 months without one issue!

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