2017 Subaru WRX Review and Ride along

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You know my love for subarus. This makes me miss driving mine. I will get my WRX back up and running asap!

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master yoda says:

says he has bov

actually has turbo compressor surge

El Sito says:

dont have to work if daddy buys me everything

Eric joker says:

Blow off valve?

Hans Natividad says:

Don't you need a recirculating valve?

David Ha says:

This guy talks from the heart. Enjoy the ride!

David Ha says:

At least mike is not riced out like tj


Aircraft weapons WRX/STI owners shout out! Thank you for your service bruh!

JoaoFPersonalTrainer says:

cool vídeo as always :-D……where´s Mike 2.0?? long time we don´t see him


Became a motivational speech for a sec

George Lupercio says:

Time to get a 2017 WRX? 😉

Johnathon Buchanan says:

Fucking savage, Mike!

Jonathan Chavez says:

SmurfinWRX.. sucks you are too far from me. Would have loved for you to Review and Ride along on my WRX, "The Evil Twin"

fed Z says:

im fan from illiminate, you and tj cunt got too much drama. fuck the collab

MetalSmithSportBiker Krueger says:

2jz a brz….. rb26 a wrx.. two best motors in the appropriate platforms. besides their original homes that is.

Jean Tek says:

Great vid,stay loyal lol

Kyle Butler says:

Where have Daniel and Carlos been?

Ron Moses says:

Yeah I’m loving these life story of the people you meet rather it’s a super fly car or even the most rice out car it’s the back story and inspiration that I believe gets us to wanna Grind harder and stay focus.

adrian carter says:

My boi Caleb!!!

ooo babyitsrenan says:

You really need to isolate your tj buisness problem from social media.

Isaac Vipond says:

you mike why arent u driving your Subaru anymore?

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