2019 Subaru WRX: Review

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In this video I’ll go for a test drive & completely review the NEW 2019 Subaru WRX! I’ll go over what’s new on the 2019 Subaru WRX as well as performance, exterior, interior, tech, safety & much more.

Big thanks to Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg, PA for allowing me to check out the NEW 2019 Subaru WRX! For more information on their inventory please feel free to visit their website below.


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Mank Demes says:

Not even a sti.

Pay Dro says:

Are any of the seats heated and or vented?

Alex says:

Can they make it look any more boring? What happened to the aggressive and different design?

Will Hatfield says:

I have the 17, they wait till Mof”@king 2019… TWENTY NINETEEN….. to bring out gd’ing Apple Play… When the sissy ass Impreza has had it for two years now. But I mean it’s whatever though.

Ramon Delacruz says:

Are you doing the sti ??

Verrillplayz games says:

I own a limited one same 2019 impreza wrx

JTundra says:

Got a 2018 6 months ago. I wish the audio was better and i wish there was more power but i dont go to the track so ill forgive the power. Either way this car is light so 250 hp and torque is enough unless you track it

Joseph Doré says:

Nice review! Just traded up our base 2016 for the Limited (Sport Tech) 2019 today. First impressions: the suspension is WAY smoother than the 2016 while still feeling really planted. The rev hang is drastically reduced over the 2016. The clutch feels better and much easier to shift smoothly (probably partly due to the reduced rev hang) so I suspect my passengers will appreciate that. The infotainment system is much better for sure and Apple CarPlay is really slick. The Harman Kardon sound system is very good – much better than the base system we had in the 2016 but still not as good as the Rockford Fosgate system we had in our 2011 Mitsubishi. We upgraded to the STI catback exhaust and I love the deep rumble – with no performance gain, it might very well be a waste of money but that purr is so good. The 2019 has darker accents on the 6 o'clock spoke on the steering wheel, around the shifter, and on the climate control knobs but for some reason the original brushed nickel remains around the vents; I don't understand why they didn't match them. The leather seats have a nicer fit and finish than the leather in the 2015 I had test-drove. So far, this 2019 is everything I hoped it would be. Hope these notes are a helpful addition to this great review for anyone considering the 2019.

Finesse 7sixo says:

Smh they cant bump the horse power

BLACK05GO1 says:

All the WRX and STi are missing is horse power and torque. Every car company has been adding significant HP to their performance vehicles over the past 15 years accept Subaru. Can't believe my old 2004 STi makes basically the same HP with the same engine as the 2018 STi. Come on Subaru. Put at least 360 hp in the STi and 310 hp in the WRX. That's being conservative too.

George Key says:

The 2019 radios ( w/o the Harman Kardon upgrade) sound significantly better than the 2016-2018 Fujitsu-Ten Starlink head units. The 18's should have come with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay.

George Honk says:

Finally it is true, tossers do exist. This is a review?

MJ Wild says:

The only thing I like about the 2019 Wrx is Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. That's it. Everything else is still the same from 2015-2018. And engine is still the same from 2000-2018. I may be wrong on the year, but I do know it's still the same engine for however long it may be.

Bud White says:

blow hard dip sh#t

erickflores01 says:

Can’t believe no one has noticed this is fake. That’s not a 2019. Doesn’t even have the day time running lights.

Virak Cambo says:

15-19 the same shit!!! what wrong with subaru, u got too muh knock knock joke and still dont open the door or what?

Tj Nix says:

Old ass engine, 260hp, >6sec 0-60… for 30k? Pass. Update your flagship Subaru and we'll talk.

Blake Connolly says:

Still waiting for the hatchback to come back.

Peter Galbraith says:

Why don't you actually connect a phone to Bluetooth to show those features?
Pretty useless to show the error messages instead.

Jay R says:

the wannabe front evo radiator grill looking thing looks like if the car had a month and it was swollen

FaultyFraimes says:

If you buy a CVT WRX, your mom is a fuckin' hoe.

Luis Corona says:

looks like a 2015 civic mixed with a 2017 corolla

Nick Coku says:

so basically the exact same thing as the 2018 but with a new head unit?

Flash says:

its 2019 and the key fob still have no improvement -.-

Shotgun Zombie says:


Some Asian Guy says:

Wrx base model use to be $25,000 now its already $28,000. Limited is already STi money. Yikes!

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