2019 Veloster N vs Golf GTI vs Subaru WRX // The $30K Question

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New for 2019, the Hyundai Veloster N is a seriously desirable prospect. But is it enough to make us turn away from the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Subaru WRX? Watch and find out. In a world where $30,000 is now considered “affordable,” we wanted to test three performance oriented, everyday cars that have amassed huge followings and loyalty, and understand why.



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Daniel Hindsley says:

Hope to buy a Veloster soon. looking for fun on the road.

1gsrtom says:

You can't compare a Veloster N to a GTI and WRX. A more accurate comparison would be the N vs STI and the Golf R .

Crammy Davis, Jr says:

Well done, boys!

RileyManns1 says:

I love the openings you guys do. Super funny in a subtle way.

Chris MJ says:

Asked which one he would buy and guy says… "Can I keep my Miata?" Proof its not all about horsepower.. but smiles per gallon. (I have a mx5 and mk7 gti and the mx5 is loads more fun to drive even though its slower in a straight line.)

trstnhn says:

The Veloster N wins hands down. The other two looks like a decade old ancients.

Jose Naranjo says:

These guys remind me of The Strait Pipes

Owen Zappa says:

I've looked at all three, including the Civic Type R, and I'm getting a GLI 35th – the sleeper of 2019.

Isaac Knight says:

That’s an i30n

Turbo Benzina says:

Can't compare a sedan with 2 hot hatches.

ThroughFallenEyes says:

i bought a year old golf r with under $20000km on it, with an extended warranty for less than the cost of one of these new. i dont regret my choice for a second

Brett Hammett says:

I go with the greatest number of positive user reviews…so GTI it will always be.

BOB says:

Three different kind of cars. For three different kinds of people. Not really a good comparison.

tecnogadget2 says:

I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS Man. Cheers from Argentina dude

guillermo gonzalez says:

No type R but you have a Hyundai um ok

wvusmc says:

They should make a Hasenpfeffer badge for the VW.

mark lukomskiy says:

Hey for anyone getting the bad rev hang in subies, to fix it is either a stock stage 1 Cobb tune, or turning off some of the assists like hill assist

Dandelions says:

Clock has hands not arms

Ernest Bajic says:

APR stage 1 on vw golf will destroy both of those cars I will go with golf GTI

Westernciv Company says:

WRX#1 Fuck the imposters

Neito Monoma says:

2:25 sold because it laughs at fwd cars.

Jason Young says:

This is either a testament to how good Hyundai is doing, or how much Subaru & VW have changed their target demographic from "enthusiasts" to "general pop for more sales". I've driven two of these, the WRX & the GTI, to decide if either could replace my 06 wrx wagon – Everyone kept telling me FWD has gotten so good you can hardly tell the difference, and that VW has amazing interiors, and that the new WRX is an amazing car, much better than prior iterations.
The GTI is still a fwd car with a turbo, but you can't turn off the traction control; it still falls into all the trappings of FWD, the interior is no better than anything else on the market, I think people just like plaid & golf ball shift knobs (I don't).
The WRX is very under-steer prone, rev hang for days, and of course, is sedan only; the lack of an LSD in the rear is a big let down.
Not going to bother with the Hyundai; after the GTI, I confirmed that FF isn't for me.

Admittedly, my 06 is mildly modified – a tune, 17×8's with 235's, bigger front sway bar and even bigger rear sway bar (to get rid of understeer) some misc. bushings, mounts etc. springs & struts (not living the low life, they are OEM STI wagon specific springs) and throwing those changes at a new WRX and installing an LSD in the rear would help with my issues, but I'd have to live with it in stock form until the warranty ran out before I could modify it, which I couldn't, and it still would be no quicker than my 06, and there are the DI carbon build up issues to contend with (which affects all cars with DI only).

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