5 Things I Hate About My 2019 Subaru WRX

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On this video I will talk about the 5 things that I hate or I dislike about my Stock 2019 Subaru WRX.

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alamsas2 says:

Any reason why you didn't go for the higher trims? 3 of your complains would have been solved if you went for the higher trims (LED headlights, wheels, & sound system)

Steven Schaadt says:

Why would you buy the car if you dislike it so much.

Joe Joe says:

Had a 2018 STi for a while, was awesome…and I really didn't like driving my buddies WRX. HOWEVER!! He got an accessport, exhaust, intake, and threw on their OTC tune… completely changed his car, very very fun now.

I wish I had gotten a base model WRX and tossed a few grand at modifications instead of the STi. All the extra goodies the STi has I really don't need in a daily driver. As fun as the STi is, it's just not $40,000 fun.

Nick Chavez says:

I have a 2019 wrx premium. I have no complaints it’s dope . Mine came with way better wheels , the stereo sounds good also . It came with an STI shortshifter so the throws feel good . The silver headlight housing only looks good on the silver wrx , luckily I got silver . Interior is nice , way better than a focus st or civic Si . Best car ever no complaints. I pay $415 a month for my wrx premium and I put down $2500 . The car was on sale for $28,000 , it was normally 31,000 .

After Paradise says:

The road noise is pretty loud in my STI as well. Took a little while to get used to it over the cars I’ve owned in the past lol

Imlikethemoviesh says:

I rememeber i had a 18 wrx for a few months before switching to a 18 sti a few months later. The wrx is not a bad car, its pretty great if you're not expecting anything crazy, but it's just sooooo wimpy feelign compared to the sti. The sti may get shit gas mileage, but jesus is the driving experience sooooo much better. I did manage to get better gas mileage when i did the switch to bigger injectors and ELH though 😀

moe stock says:

I've been slipping the clutch more going from 1st to 2nd, similar to pulling out in 1st, to pull the revs down when shifting quickly. Its tricky and I'm probably not explaining it right. Don't want to kill the warranty with the accessport yet.. so my clutch will have to suffer a bit.

James Kocks says:

you nailed it with your dislikes. i have an 18 wrx and i have changed out the wheels the shifter parts and the cat back a weighted shift knob and of course the maperformance stage 1 91 tune with the accessport. the tune will transform the car. it does not eliminate the rev hang but it does help a lot. the head lights are the biggest issue right now for me because there arent too many options in the aftermarket yet.

The man Who keeps changing his name says:

On my WRX I put the sti wheels on I said to the dealership nope I want a set on sti’s

DongleMaster says:

this dude is crying about speakers and wheels when hes got the base model…

Gary Pollock says:


Redbaru18 says:

You're catching up to me in Miles and will pass me really soon. >.> Doesn't the STi have rev hang? I'm on Cobb Stage 1 and i love driving it now compared to that stock rev hang and the throttle input. If you could only have 1 WRX and didnt have a STi or the Trek which trim would you go with? I went with the Limited because i came from a Mazda 6 which seems luxury compared to the WRX and i really wanted push to start, the door auto unlocking, rear traffic alert, etc. I thought i wanted leather seats but they aren't that great my previous car was way more comfortable.

Alan August says:

I will look forward to the mods you have planned for the WRX, especially the rev hang. Will also like to see what your wheel choice will be to replace the stock wheels.

Germaingazm says:

Nice video man!

cameron johnson says:

I got rid of my 18 wrx premium for a 19 STI. The rev hang, electronic power steering and top end dead zone after 4500 rpm just made me hate it. The rev hang is absolutely criminal on these things, it really takes you out of the fun of driving. The STI has abysmal gas mileage in comparison but its much better to drive. I always hated the headlights on the WRX as well.

Mel C. says:

The speakers and radio definitely are shit, one of the first mods I did on my STI was upgrade to "kickers" all around and and Android head unit.

My WRX Channel says:

I agree 100%. A $20k impreza/crosstrek has a nicer, more premium feeling interior than my 19 STI.

Bittersweet 17 says:

The rev hang combined with the abrupt clutch engagement make 1st to 2nd gear shifts very tricky. After 4000 miles on my 19 wrx I have some advice. Shift into 2nd ASAP over 12 mph. Let the clutch out in three motions. 1: fast to the biting point, 2: slow into gear. 3: let off. Give it increasing acceleration between steps 2 and 3.

rico era says:

The clutch distance is absolutely terrible, you need to be 6’6 to fully engage it

That was bomb says:

i own a 2019 sti got it a month now with 2500 miles on it (got it when it has 17 miles). upon owning this awesome piece of machinery i notice i always need to gas up, secondly the radio lags like when i start it up it loads like a playstation 2 and takes awhile to response to the volume knob. thirdly the seatbelt keeps alerting me eventho im already out the car lol so basically you cant remove seatbelt yet while you tryin to park it nicely. thats all haha!!

chinkysti2006 says:

What I hate about my fxt 5. Handles like a boat 4. Radio 3. Interior can be better 2. Headlights 1. Cvt lol

Thien Tran says:

I can fit my head into that Wrx wheel gap lol. Sti wheel gap is way smaller

Alex Brooks says:

I want me teee

Davin Schumacher says:

My dad owns a 2012 Forester and I've been noticing a good amount of problems that you mentioned in your video in that car too. It's kinda sad to see that after 7 years Subaru still hasn't done anything about the interior problems such as the horrible sound system and the amount of wind- and roadnoises you can hear driving down the freeway…

ThePoisonThread says:

My cousin has the 2018 WRX stage 1+ which I’ve driven quite a bit. I have to say, even with a tune the rev hang is still present. Just not as bad. But a friend of ours (an STI owner) didn’t know of this issue and went to pull in the wrx… car came back smelling like clutch burn because of the rev hang. He was used to the responsiveness of the STI engine and no rev hang.

Questchaun says:

The Rev hang and brake assist make me sad.

Jose Estevez says:


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