Bagged WRX on Detroit Streets – VIOLENT CLIQUE

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My favourite feature I’ve shot to date! This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, shoot a car at night in a downtown setting and I’m so happy it could be Brandon’s crazy clean WRX! Brandon was one of the first people that I met when I moved here and he’s been a huge supporter of everything I do, glad we could finally shoot his car after talking about it for nearly two years!

To give some insight into this film, we shot the majority of it in one night and then came back to get a few extra shots/audio runs another night. First night of shooting was from 9pm – 5am and the second 5am – 8am. 11 hours shooting and roughly 16 hours of editing, this is the result! The first night of shooting was also a busy warm Saturday night and so there were a lot of encounters with people on the street… Made for an interesting night, but glad everything went relatively smooth!

Massive thanks to Bryan Reid for providing the CTS-V Wagon camera car and taking abuse from a drunk man on a motorcycle! @detroit_riot

Thank you to Brandon of course 1. for supporting my work and 2. having the patience to work with me on this project! @idleratchet

Thank you to Harukasuka for providing such a dope song for this film!

Thank you Detroit Police Department for being busy dealing with drunk people and not bothering us parking in the middle of the street to shoot!

Thank you to the 30+ drunk people that asked if they were going to be on TV outside of Z Garage. No sorry you’re not going to be on TV, unless you’re watching this on chromecast… then Hi!

And thank you to my parents for creating me so I could make cool shit like this…

Music: Harukasuka – Coves (



Donald Mokgale says:

INCREDIBLY DONE VIDEO MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! Such a fresh wrx!!!!!!! so much of win here!!

HERI HAO says:

Awesome video and car.

Lemar H says:

love the car

CanalPsi says:

Can u tell me wich câmera do u use?

Vladimir Olujic says:

By the way, in Serbian "Lep" means pretty, beautiful. Nice work.

Eduardo Ongaro says:

Que bagulho sensacional!!!

Shaneman20 says:

I'm not afraid to admit that this video is making me strongly think about getting a WRX Hatch for a new daily.

Luis Echeverria says:

What year is that?

Adrenaline963 says:

Изумительный Субарь!!!!

Boy With a Pipe says:

I was literally at the parking lot at the beginning of the video two days ago haha

Perevozchikov Yaroslav says:

Don't forget to change the brakes….)))

Utahar says:

At first I thought those wheels were blitz 03's

GODSPEED3 - says:

nice, but lets do something about those brakes

Ivan See says:

Wow what an amazing video! I love Subarus and this is awesome!

Master Slimes says:

I love my WRX hatch SO much…great video man, beautiful car.

Russell Siete says:

Does it at least have 400+ hp? If not then you slow compare to other super cars in detriot.

Pk Dogg says:

Thumbs up !!!!!
Best one ive ever seen !!

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