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In today’s video, i give you guys a complete rundown of EVERYTHING i’ve ever done to my WRX since the very first day i’ve bought the car!



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——-MOD LIST—————
*2015 Subaru WRX*
APR Performance GTC300 Carbon wing
Work Meister 18×11 +15 265/35
Crown Carbon Crafting Widebody
Seibon Carbon fiber hood
Tomei Exhaust
Invidia Catless Downpipe
Fujitsubo Headers
ETS intake
Cobb AP
Pro Tune
Fortune Auto 510 Coilovers
Sway away front/rear sway bars & end links

*2005 Mitsubishi Evo VIII*
Voltex Front Bumper
VIS Carbon Duckbill Trunk
Rays Gram Lights 18×9.5 +12
Tomei Expreme Catback Exhaust

-My GFX artist:


JRWT says:

I prefer it without the widebody.

Sky Oot says:

its crazy to see how far this car has come

Raeven Santos says:

You’ve come a long way brother keep up the good work we all support you and Legends media

Kostya Makedonas says:

Ur WRX is beautiful man. Take care of it. One of a kind car.

Lancer 4451 says:

I remembered my first time watching you was when you installed your first full exhaust mod, ever since that video cameout I've been watching you everyday!

Mafia Level.99 says:

Since throtl made the "10 minutes car transfrom" everybody is making it now. Teej, Evan and now Dustin

Shawn ye' says:

Didn't realize how much been done to the car.

Nafta X says:

It's incredible to see how far the WRX has come.

Outvincible says:

Wow what a transformation. I’m not even talking about the wrx. You were skinny as heck. Now you’re a giant.

Sh B says:

Your subie is nice. I have an 06. I dont want a new one until they get the them sounding like they are supposed to. I dont think they sound good anymore , they sound like a Honda now

Isaiah JDL says:

So proud of you dustin this is basically the car that started it all I know the Honda was but this really struck it home, i only hope your channel grows even more so stoked to see what you have planned in the future

Bryan Giraldo says:

A lot of memories, started watching the channel at the enkei nt03 wheels !!!!

arron hale says:

Is the a car transformation video or a Dustin transformation video.

Bradley Lawrence says:

I lub NT03! had a set on my Genesis back in 2012 and I have always wanted them again on my current cars.

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