DIY Widebody 2016 WRX STI – Pt 2

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In this episode the boys from My WRX Channel ( ) actually come out to the shop and help me install the second half of their widebody kit!

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joe dirt says:

I wouldn't have the balls to do all that cutting.  Thank god for dudes like you

Nickorator says:

finish the aston tho

MegaTacolover says:

Are u here in Washington?

jdevil_brz says:

Nissan Fairlady 240? =)

AJHedges says:

$2,800 for a kit that barely fits on the car, good thing Chris knows what to do

Tim Thelning says:

Having the keys at home isnt a bad idea. Wonder if someone who knows the area could figure out where your shop is and steal shit. Really hope that never happens but keys at home or at least in a safe is a decent idea

Tevin little says:

It’s a 240sx or a 240z

Rudolf Sergeev says:

Man your work is AMAZING but the KIT IS HORRIBLE!!!!!

Simon Šimlík says:

Just my opinion, this is a terrible treatment with irretrievable damage to the bodywork.

Ash'ab Raja says:

My prediction is a 240z with an S85 V10 for the new build

hidde50 says:

still get like a key safe! so no cars can be driven out easily if it gets broken into!

masterblaster54 says:

I still would like to hear from my Shop order (Order #1191). No answer back on email ?! 1 Week since order. Is it beeing processed or whats going on?

powcar91 says:

Maybe R32 GTR .

Chaosgrunt says:

My guess is an S15

Ghost Light says:

gt 86, Fr-s or brs

mikkel buhl says:

Hope its a honda s2000 or ae86

Albert Louis says:

Datsun 240z new build ?

EFormance Engineering says:

Are you moving into the house that comes with the shop, or is the rent enough to pay for your existing place?

Sir Bazzamous says:

It's an evo

EFormance Engineering says:

I preferred the look of the stock car. Cutting open the metal, in WA, is a recipe for rust and no trade value.

Noel Santos says:

Nice Subaru BEFORE the body kit. Not good choice of kit IMO

CB CarStyle says:

On the next episode of B is for Build: "So, MNT Rider Called".

helicopter234 says:

I hope the paint shop is going to sand the cut´s and applies some paint there aswell, but you should have done that right away, just some primer to protect the bare metal. That shit starts to rust like crazy when it gets wet!

ian thompson says:

How hard would it be for the body kit suppliers to offer an adapted wheel arch liner too?

joe coquerre says:

You did a super a good job,have you looked for a V10 crate engine yet..???Greets from France.JM

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