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You guys seemed to like the vlog style videos a lot so here’s another one for today! The rest of the week looks to be pretty bad with weather, so I decided to take the WRX out and do some hardcore backroad driving after class!

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Juan Martinez says:

Looks like 5700 RPMs…?

Phase says:

whats the song name at 04:08

eagle boy says:

Racing harnesses in a road car is not cool…

Carla Padilla says:

Awesome footage!!

Linval Brown says:

Why cant you drive directly to school?

VIRTUE says:

That is pornographic to be fair

WRX OGC says:

very nice car have a 2016 and its my 3rd wrx i said i wouldnt go crazy modding this one but your front bumper looks killer suscribed i wana see the final stage of this car

Zcypot says:

That first gear last nothing, and I thought my first gear was short.

EsthedikFilms says:

how much HP your pushing now?

Danny Pham says:


Gene Beavers says:

Are you running a harness bar or full cage?

Draztik says:

What bumper are you using?

Ramiro Delgado says:

How did you get your turbo to spool like that?

hondaguy453 says:

The shaky video just makes it that much better haha. Good shit man!

Richard Stewart says:

Dustin Williams. Who pro tuned your WRX? I'm surprised you didn't get a new charge pipe and top mount intercooler being down in the south and the way these cars run hot it's good to have. also I noticed you didn't mention egr or tgv deleted as a mod. any plans to get a 3 selonoid boost controller?

Matija Mandić says:

Shit belts tho.

Fabio Morelli says:

you are slow downing


It's looks and sounds so awesome, I love it

Garrett Johnson says:

What song at the beginning?

john bradshaw jr says:

what kind of exhaust do u have?

Jim Canterak says:

Is this EL? Because it doesn't sound like a Subaru.

Karol Chromiak says:

is that your boost guage where the clock should be? where can i get that?

Dan Collins says:

How much horse power and torque ect.?

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