Ford Focus RS vs Nismo 350Z, Subaru WRX vs Mustang 5.0, Turbo Civic, Mustang 5.0

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Derrick Diaz says:

What gas are u running in your rs?

Kemptonic says:

the gt350 intake manifold makes a bigger difference than most think.

letsrun it! says:

red 5.0 vs focus rs..please…please sgtr..please

Jonathan Pontel says:

Nismo had zero chance against a modified rs.

Andrew Andrew says:


TheVectorhd says:

Man I wanna race that rs from a dig 20 roll and 40 roll 🙁 race my n55 335i 🙁

Andres Rivera Aponte says:

That red 5.0 sound so good love it

WRX Justin says:

Red 5.0 boi is a driver mod

galaxygrey3 says:

One tew tree

dash captures of Vermont says:

God the rs rips.

Mk7 Black-and-Red says:

Let’s see the red 5.0 vs Focus RS from a roll. That should be close

Umberto Farias says:

WRX gapped the 5.0 so hard during the first 80mph

billy heaton says:

Damn 370 had the hit and still got washed boost the 5.0 and kill everything good races

Super Stock Subaru. says:

Judging by those mods that Subaru is maybe 270hp? That s550 is about 430whp ? It Shouldn’t be having Ford monkeys so happy

Zero - SGTR says:

350z NISMO at the stop light

"Yo race my Z"

"If you aren't boosted or on spray I don't really want to puppy kick"

Nismo owner
"I'm not like those other Slow Z's"

Gets freight trained twice like the other Z's lol.

Furby AndElmo says:

There literally NEEDS to be more people subscribing, this channel is VERY LEGIT and REAL good.

clayton morris says:

Kinda early gotta love it

Phantom says:

Lol as you can hear every gear was a big pause. My trans wasn’t liking me that day and wouldn’t touch any gear . And it’s e30 not e85

Ford Harrison says:

Ford FTMFW! Double penetration lmao

type-dRew says:

RS vs that red 5.0, lets go

Dick Malone says:

SGTR with that overtime

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