How To Widebody A 2016 WRX STI – Pt 1

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In this episode the boys from My WRX Channel ( ) drop off a 2016 WRX STI for me to wide body 🙂

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dionel soto says:

It's the 240

Logan Speed says:

What hardware is being used for the install???

MichaelCoolGuy86 says:

Could you simply leave the bracket that connects the bumper/fender? I imagine that the axis that the wheel will travel wouldn't interfere with that bracket mentioned (Unless ofcourse the overall diameter of the wheel/tire combo has increase dramatically).

Jeff G says:

There was no reason to cut the fenders until he decides tire size and fitment !

David Williams says:

Jeezuz I would never put something on my car that would require me to hack body panels…… Impressed with your work Chris

James Templeman says:

Is Chelsey going to get her own channel doing builds?

Jarin Holzer says:

Please do not support the MntRider wide body company. The owner of the company used to be married to my sister and left her and both of her kids for another girl and he is hiding the company from the court so that he does not have to pay child support. He is a scum bag and a piece of shit. He scams everyone and his kits aren't even designed by him. I am not putting this out as spam, I have been a subscriber to your channel for around 2 years now and I am just​ trying to spread the word so that people do not support this company anymore.

Constantinos Hadjigeorgiou says:

That was hard to watch

zeteclover says:

Would you ever give us a tool overview/tour? And if we can't get everything you have, maybe which tools you use 80% of the time you're working?

Eric Long says:

Check out EAS in Colorado Springs, they just bought a printshop!

potato master race says:

you better be getting paid… youre too good of a artist to not be paid

powcar91 says:

When your so broke that you steal electrical tape.

nahuel luna says:

paint your shop white

Chris Carter says:

1.. feel like you didn’t have to cut as much 2.. what new shop? This shop is the same one?

Kyle Kelsey says:

My god that car is obnoxious.

Matthew Fries says:

Two of my favorite channels

Unrealy1 says:

What about expanding foam between the fender and the wide body for water proofing? Would it work?

Santiago López says:

Nice Job like

Harley Alexander says:

Hey Chris, just an idea… ChrisFix does tool reviews and puts affiliate links in the description. He also does the same with whatever he uses in the video (i.e. those lifts would be great to advertise at 5% per sale…).

Luna Skiles says:

I’ve always used yoga mats to make a new fender liner

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