Installing New Parts on Subaru WRX!!

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Special thanks to Blox Racing for sending the boy Francis some parts!
If you guys want to buy some dope car parts please hit up Blox Racing on Instagram.
Instagram: @bloxracing

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Josh Barrera says:

Ayyyeeee Lava Flow hits helllaaaaa nice. Good choice brah

Allan Dale Lacuna says:

Chrome dont last long

Subie Diaries says:

Yo, Thomas let Randy know to get a heavy duty rolll of these, they obsorb and keep the floor clean for weeks.

PaulFilms says:

What is that song name at the end?

toxicbanderinc says:

Yo I’m drunk and high this is the best friendship family I have ever seen Randy is the man he wants all his friends cause that’s his family

Marvyn Braga says:


Full of that shit says:

Lmao you right i was just watching….

AMeizin says:

Get this man to 100k please. Deserves it so much.

Chief Graffiti says:

Where can I get that fuck a fender sticker lol

Xavier Moreno says:

Randy there is a heigth requirement

ivan villegas says:

How the fuck did frances get sponsored he doesn’t know shit at all

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