Like a WRXing ball! 2018 Subaru WRX review

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It’s 25 years since Japan gave birth to a turbocharged, all-wheel-drive sedan that would become a cult performance car. A classic, even.

That would make perfect timing for the introduction of a next-generation Subaru WRX, though with the next all-new model not due until 2019 we’ll have to make do with an MY18 update.

It still brings further proof that Subaru is at least trying to incrementally add sophistication to its rally car for the road, acknowledging that today’s raft of rapid, yet refined, rivals in the $40,000 pricing belt are asking questions about the Rex’s relevance.

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EerieBetrayal says:

it's looking uglier with each new model

Rob W says:

“CVT doesn’t belong in a sports car” clearly he missed early 90’s Formula 1 racing where CVT was banned because it was so good.

Terminal Velocity says:

"has it finally grown up?"

We didn't want it to grow up. We wanted it to remain raw. But because of people like you who want gadgets and comfort, the WRX became sterile. Go buy something else if you want refined.

Jack Hammer says:

And your accent doesn't give you any additional validity in your review. Please tell me another car that will do everything this will for money? Thought not, go away!

FlyinGato says:

the WRX is a great car, I was very close to getting one, but ended up with the Type R instead! I may get the new Sti when that comes out though…

ogpunkbuster says:

Wrx= fun. Simple as that.

H Maccas says:

Where is James Ward ?


no CVT review is a let down

deon yang says:

the original gc8 wrx cost 40k in the 90s and in 2017 this car still costs 40k, that's amazing considering inflation. most other cars have risen in price over time.

Arrwmkr says:

I'm really unimpressed with the latest Subaru's, having driven the wrx, impreza & BRZ, I was seriously unimpressed. I want to like them but the wrx is heavy, powerful yes but handling is underwhelming, the impreza is auto only!!! and is boring and sedate, the BRZ was better but hard to live with and felt cheap. BTW this review feels like a commercial rather than a serious review. Cash for comment?

MorganMD1984 says:

I stopped taking this guy seriously when he said "dramatic wooshes from the wastegate!" Clearly he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. "Wooshes" come from the intake, not the exhaust wastegate.

elmin2323 says:

What a joke no apple car play no Subaru eye sight with a manual?

Jenna Gold says:

2005 still is the best so far.

RosenFiddlesYou says:

They need an engine refresh. It's starting to really give out

Jason Park says:

Boys, Subie will bring a all new WRX in 2020 with the new global platform. So, give this a go and save some money.


same design.. interior still looks like it's from 2005 lol

Paul Albao says:

backstreet boyz eh ?

Calvin Chang says:

Legends say that if you comment early CarAdvice will…… nah f it


1st pin me plzzz

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