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Big Boy bought a nameless axle back exhaust for his Automatic 2015 Subaru WRX! so he brought it over and we installed it. We show you guys how it goes on and explain the hard parts for you. Big Boy gets his hands dirty and we joke around through out the whole thing. Big Boy mentions Connor Mcgregor for like the 10th time in our videos and I think he has an MCM! We take the auto WRX out for a ride and show you guys the before and after of the way the stock exhaust sounds compared to the Nameless axle back. Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!


Patrick Mckavanagh says:

I got the other one

Logan Fisher says:

big boy has the shittiest car I've ever seen I think most Honda accords could look good next to his car

Nathan Gabel says:

Good exhaust, I'm one of the OG's that bought the first batch back in 2011. My STI is full nameless turboback not cats or mufflers, its obscene!

David Johnson says:

I use to have respect for big boy there no forgiveness for automatic wrx

James says:

Love the car vids.

Hannes Leek says:

That must've increased the horsepower by at least 30.

Ryan Smith says:

Use Lithium Grease and those exhaust hangers will slide right off!

gene s says:

How dare he get an automatic wrx. Shame on Subaru for even selling an auto wrx.

Royal_ Subie says:

Hey scotty what ramps are you useing on the wrx?

Royal_ Subie says:

Keep the wrx videoss! Bike videos are a plusss lol

Karl Eulberg says:

I didn't know that the autotragic WRXs were CVTs…. Why Subaru why?

Brandon sever says:

Make him do some actual engine work next time lol. Maybe a catless down pipe, lets hear that turbooo!!!!

Finan 7 says:

Makes such a difference. Car stuff is pretty cool. Keep it up!

Luke Haley says:

Do a sound test on the gtr

Justin Proulx says:

drives an auto, pulls e-brake when parked.. Big Boy Logic

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