Review | 2002 Subaru WRX | Japanese Muscle?

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We review the original bug eye Subaru WRX supplied by owner Tom Vericose. In part one we look at how the original has some advantages compared to the newer models. While other manufacturers like Honda, Toyota and Mazda have evolved the interior design and more, Subaru has stuck to a basic approach either by choice or because of budgetary reasons. In part two we will review the 2018 WRX. Enjoy.

SavageGeese is:
Mr. Goose – E Sig Tester
Tom Vericose – Pancake Maker
Scott Turbowski – MIA

Speciale Thanks to Bendpak our official lift supplier.

Intro “SUBARUWRXFAN IS DEAD” an ode to Matt for his dedication for being himself.

00:00 – 00:42 Intro #SUBARUWRX FAN IS DEAD
00:43 – 4:15 Interior and Exterior Impressions
4:15 – 6:28 Shop Talk with Owner Tom
6:28 – 11:40 In the Shoppe without Turnowski – On the Bendpak Lift
11:40 – 11:50 Curb Weights – Lonacre Scales
11:50 – 19:51 Driving Impressions
19:51 – 21:18 Final Thoughts with Tom

Intro Music By:
Disfigure – Blank [NCS Release]


PhantomTV says:

Thats hella fuckin clean lol, come to Canada

bugeyeordie says:

Not sure how you held your tongue with the owner lol. The stock tune really is quite awful, runs way too lean or too rich, lots of knock(these knock sensors are terrible btw). Car stinks bone stock just as bad if not worse than catless.

A cat in the uppipe(early models only) just before turbo, which led to who knows how grenaded turbos and blown engines even at very low mileages.

The stock downpipe is also poor with the blank plate design that blocks the wastegate from properly functioning.

Just to name a few really poor engineering decisions. If you are looking for or own a bone stock wrx or very lightly modified, PLEASE get the uppipe replaced(aftermarket, sti) if it hasn't been already. Go stage 1 with an accessport(fantastic monitoring tool/tune device), maybe stage 2 with bellmouth dp. Protunes are always best. For the sake of preventative maintenance and piece of mind.

pressrolls says:

I dont know man,…Ive met so many douchey mechanics like this. This guy had SO many discrepancies in what he was saying I dont think he truly knows shit. But if you ask him he will tell you how smart he is.

Matt Nguyen-Ngo says:

Take a shot every time he says he's not gay

symmetry08 says:

Gay or gay-phobic mentality must be coming from America. Subaru is rally car that is first comes to mind in most places, except Neanderthal Americans view who are detached themselves from common sense and reality, with worshiping political leaders and imaginary deities.

J Smith says:

This guy with the rust… Come on dude.

J4ke9 says:

This video was great!

Andy Pedro says:

just got a 03 fully stock wrx in midnight blue pearl with 69k miles on it. planning to leave it stock. just rally armour mudflaps im getting for it. keep them stock if you want them to last… once you modify them it's gonna not be good.

Kenny Anderson says:

I lol'd

Sammy Goris says:

Why so serious? I don't think I saw Tom smile once. Just seemed like shots fired on him and he was on the defense the whole time. Chill dude!!

PastIconoclast says:

Shortly after shooting this Tom broke down on twitter posting the following.

"Ok… im tired of hiding. I am indeed a fuck boy, and the only thing i enjoy sucking on more than my vape is a big fat cock."

Thanks for your bravery tom. These things are often revealed in steps and when we saw that you drive a blue wrx we knew that post wasnt far behind. Well done.

JavelinaH says:

I've had an 02 since new and in 2017 purchased a 2016 (way to get the price down), most of your two reviews are spot on regarding my impressions. I miss the Recaro seats, the simple analog dash and the precision of the shifter daily. Every bushing that was worn out was replaced with STi spec and so the car is stiffer and more precise. My new gen is stock (except of oil and air filters). I feel that the 02 was a great car and driving is somewhat reminiscent of MC rides, new one isn't, even though it is improved in may ways, more comfortable and a solid daily driver in the traffic of the city. However, for all the creaks and noise in the cabin and its other limitations I didn't trade the 02 in – it is far more of a "machine" and still fun for the weekend drives.

Metalozedex says:

this was comfy to watch, you earned a sub

Anthony Fell says:

A great run through of why body roll on a street car is not necessarily a sign that the car's handling is poor.

Anthony Fell says:

A blunt analysis of the modding scene 11:32

Paul Reza says:

Love the carpets lol.

trephination1 says:

the problem with Subaru is the environmental laws in Japan that's why the paint jobs are garbage and end up rusting I got rid of my 17 wrx

Electricsquid95 says:

i like your video mate ive drove my impreza wrx s for a few years and there is nothing to compare to them

wrx effect says:

Infiniti G37 floor mats! lol

james baker says:

Why the fuck does he have Infiniti G37 mats in a Subaru lmao? 3:55

ANTHONY Blake says:

Subaru suck, the idea is great but these engines are bad. Always having problems weather stock or modified. Most Subaru owners will say they are the most reliable engines ever. Subarus are the new rotaries.

leutrim topalli says:

love the g37 mats lol

Noah Churchel says:

Worst cup holder position ever..

renarudo1 says:

So the lesson is get an old Subaru Impreza WRX and swap an Sti motor and suspension as the best daily driver?

ekimvonavi says:

I hope you're not cheating on Turbowski.

Carlos Martinez says:

These pretty dated and old cars are the actual… ACTUAL!!! recce cars in 2017 that many WRC teams use. Fuji Heavy Machinery makes the Subaru be tough and last forever, not to be a pretty, quirky, nice thing with a million bells and whistles that cripple the thing. We've been trashing and maintaining our cars for 16 years. And you just can't imagine what a rally car should go through. They may be one of the greatest, simple, reliable cars ever made. But… we don't mind about noise, mods, computers… we love cars that perform for 20 years.

Christopher Russo says:

this guy is one of the better car reviewers out there. talks about what you as a consumer really want to know. plus I have a very dry/tragic sense of humor as well so I appreciate that in a car reviewer.

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