Still Hot? – 2019 Subaru WRX in-depth Review & Test Drive

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Thanks to Melville Subaru for lending us the Outback for review. Check them out at

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Thanks to Melville Subaru for supplying us with the WRX for Review. Check them out at


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XGiveMeLibertyX says:

A hair under 40 grand? That’s to much!

Jean Paul Maraat says:

Guys help me to choose between thw two… This or honda civic rs turbo 2019??

Sean Goodman says:

damn im 6'4, i cant fit in the back

Steve Cornejo says:

U wrong is 268 hp not 265

Nafiz Haq says:

They really need to work with interior ! Honestly it looks like medieval of car industry !

Ryne Agheilim says:

Dude, your calves are Assymetrical All wheel drive.

rollo pollo says:

those shorts are higher than my blood pressure

Steve Brule says:

If only it had a 6 cylinder

K V says:

People ALWAYS zonk sports cars for being "TOO SMALL" for passengers…SMH. It's a shame how most sports car nowadays are becoming a YACHT-sized piece of trash. There's always public transportation if you're about serving passengers. P.S. Carry a man-purse if you need space.

kitty mcpaws says:

can this beat ae86 on a downhill

Northern Gentleman says:

I feel like you were too harsh on this car.

jeff jefferson says:

This or Audi rs3?

Satisfaction says:

If anybody tell me that this was a Hyundai, i’d believe you..subaru fukd up..all other car brands are bout to fly to mars, subaru still want you to pay 50k for an old ass car

Danny Miller says:

Hey dude awesome video I’m picking up one of cars today I can’t wait to drive it. Thanks for the video it’s very informative and entertaining keep it up

G M says:

Just throwing my 2 cents in on the shorts. You look positively scrumptious in them hahah. Don't let the haters stop you from doing it again. You got the goods…show 'em off!

Phil G says:

After almost 5 years with my 2015, no. Just no. Certainly not hot at all.

Super Roo says:

Great review 🙂

Brett Barker says:

I like your narration, this is a great review.

Fly Solo75 says:

What was the tint percentage on that wrx ?

Sphoxros says:

Not sure why your downing the CVTs. The newer models are doing a lot better in terms of reliability and can handle more torque, granted your want to grab a 2nd cooler and an upgraded torque converter, but overall they've been doing better then previous years. I my self am picking up a 2019 WRX Limited CVT here next month, looking forward to it since I am trading in a 2016 Focus SE Hatch with just over 20k miles lolz.

iforc says:

Love the car, not the redundant needless review. Hey, thanks for being the 1 millionth person to review this car.

Records Hehe says:

dope ass vid

elmin says:

I30n kills it

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