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The Subaru WRX!!! The Wait is over!!! From dominating rally to tearing up asphalt, we’ll cover all of your favorite iterations of the little monster whose hood scoop has a place in the hearts of millions.

Turbos! Hatchbacks! STI! There’s a WRX out there for everyone. Subie Nation, this one’s for you.

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תحలNoП حಲг० says:

1:20 OOOOOooooooo Kurwa.

Dustin Sisoutham says:

The color match on that silver Subi behind him though….

Demetreus Lawson says:

i love this show please keep doing it

Ryan Koskaluk says:

wow just wow

YoIts420 blazed says:

It was all cool until he said about taping your eyes because of the brakes to keep them from falling out. Then I lost my shit hahahahahhaha

Egorence says:

İ think ı just saw one today

and a lan evo x

James Stevick says:

This is now one of my favorite car channels. Love your enthusiasm 😀

Boa says:

R.I.P. Possum Bourne ~ The best SRTA had to offer

Logan Deeter says:

The new one doesn't sound boxy enough

Bikman Wei says:

Please proof my Chinese subtitles!!!

Morgan Jacobo says:

plz do formula firebird

Colin Potes says:

My name is colin

Chance Peepee says:

love wrx's

Sal Palacios says:

Volkswagen bug now! Please

Aaron Stainer says:

i aslo would do unspeakable things for a 22b

Jj Abatie says:

Dodge Stealth n Mitsu 3000GT!!!

DrFuNK says:

1st evo I saw was driving by the Mitsu dealer one night and saw that fucker in the window. I flipped a bitch, pulled up and had my face glued to the glass for a couple mins.

colormesarge says:

Skipped the RS?????

winston cundiff says:

DonutMedia!!!! Do a Volvo 240 turbo one. Keep up the awesomeness

Alex Boaler says:


Mike Asterios says:

When I see another A5 on the road, I excitedly greet the driver, but ussually its a very uninterested bitchy looking woman 🙁

muf koda says:

Guys .. TRANS AM pls!!

jexon ortiz says:

Toyota trueno AE86

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