Subaru WRX – Good daily driver?!

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2018 Subaru WRX, Good daily driver?


JTundra says:

Some dude reversed into my car at work while it was parked. The 1 week that it was in the shop was the longest week in my life. Had to drive a shitty Nissan Sentra rental in the mean time

Cam N says:

I'm away from my WRX right now and miss it so much I bought two accessories for it after watching this video lol

Daniel Bert says:

Did you tune out the ridiculous amount of rev hang?

Soarah says:

what tune are you on?

Lil Nahto says:

Is the steering lose or tight?

Terrill Cooke says:

Awesome subie! I also live in the DMV area but on the Maryland side. Yeah driving up here can be a pain but I wouldn’t have it any other way. But my subie is a weekend car now that I take the metro to work.

wangbohai Wu says:

How do you feel about the clutch? Can a novice manual driver handle it?

Maveric says:

what do you do for a living?

JS Lee says:

shit bro you i live right around DC too lol thinking of getting a 6mt Mustang GT tho and the traffic is the majorrrrr bump in the road for me tbh

Phil G says:

No, just no. Inb4 you hate it once the >2 year mark hits. Lol from a 15’ wrx owner

Roody Gourdet says:

20k miles maybe a little more a year LMFAO

nfamous_sti says:

I drive mine more haha 18 k every year now im at 72k and im crying haha

Gian Red says:

Does getting the cob AP void the dealer’s warranty?

Preparation H says:

Dude try i270 in the morning just like i95

Preparation H says:

Brother I live in MD I got catted j and access port cold air intake and tmic I'm got rid of my WRX just bought an STI last Saturday 2/23/19
Let me know if interested

Nathaniel Levy says:

JMU ? I go to odu!

Jason Patton says:

stop saying POV so damn much!!!

Taylor Ciappara says:

Did you install a new cold air intake for the stage 1 tune or no?

Zuby A says:

Man, I can't wait to get this car. Don't know how to drive stick yet but my dad will show me, plus wouldn't want have it any other way.

Mahmoud Sharky says:

Going catted or catless?

ontheaction1 says:

Great video man! What tune are you running? Any issues with it so far and does the tune actually fix the rev hang issue? Thanks!

– Fellow 2018 wrx owner 🙂

Dan Soderholm says:

Great video. I am considering on getting one as a daily. My youngest son will be driving soon and I need an upgrade

Jonathan Lemsic says:

Are those stock license plate lights? Link me those!

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