Subaru WRX Walk around | More Gaming PC parts! Vlog

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2011 Subaru WRX Walk around
Gaming Channel!

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jake richeson says:

I found a gtr for 20k it has been wrecked but you can make a channel off of it fixing it up

PSG ♛ says:

8 gig video card jezuz

Shadowaries1 says:

ew a 390. why not a 390X, or Fury X, or a 980/980ti

Edible Echo says:

moar subbbi! i no lov you long time. (;

Chris Mathy says:

Mike you need room behind your pc for the exhaust fans to blow out the hot air. You also need wood between your pc and the carpet. You can't neglect your pc!

hack doshi says:

amd O_O fly away

Luis Morales says:

I order 2 mystery boxes the $75 one and the gold collection box but I have only gotten the $75 mystery box. Do you know when I'm going to get my gold collection?
I purchased them about a week ago
I thought they would be shipped at the same time?
please let me know thanks

Veneno Gaming says:

I have a cat named Subie lol


I know you probably well most likely won't but you should get a Hamann kit for your land rover

‫محمد الغامدي‬‎ says:

Nice wheels on your Subie, which wheels are they?

Billy Mullins (Mullins BMX) says:

The ads are getting out of hand

James semaj says:

Your vlogs are my favourite videos you upload

Daniel Smith says:

BRO. you shouldve bought NVIDIA to go with the i7. AMD works good with AMD, but if you mix them, you arent getting the best possible performance for gaming!

Chosen Gaming says:

I have a pitbull, bullmastiff cross. she was 80lbs at 7months

cedric chew says:

nice wallpaper on the mac

Dunkaccino25 says:

Turbo is so well behaved 😀 They're both cuties :D

Uncle Cosby says:

Turbo is beautiful

wonderwall135 says:

california doesnt have a singular temperature man. its not 80 degrees everywhere. where i live its in the low 60s most days and in the 40s at night

Llamar OG says:

Daddy <3

Boats and Bushes says:

Love the GPU choice and love the dogs. Waiting on the installation video. Keep it up
Also, have you downloaded the Logitech gaming software? That might help with any problems you have with the MX Master.

Anthony Diaz says:

yea I really like my MX master too, I had to get used to the scrolling as well but its great.

Nicholas Bethke says:

Turbo is a true tire slayer, not ken block

Advista says:

Yo was that actually u in the csgo game

Abel Alexis says:

Di…did…did I just find the perfect youtube channel?

Peter H says:

you should do a Vietnamese video

Desu Gun says:

I'm going back to team red for my next build, my PC is starting to get obsolete.

Gerardo Munoz says:

Hey what's up Mike, love your channel. I wanted to ask you, what do you think about spacers? Are they bad for your car? I was planning to put some on my 2016 STI

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