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OUR NEW BLOBEYE SUBARU WRX PROJECT IS HERE (it’s not actually new, so don’t take it literally .- it’s just new to us). We’re not wasting any time with this build.
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P.O. Box #2311 609 S. Goliad St. Rockwall, TX 75087
MUSIC (follow him): Mike D – https://soundcloud.com/user-808195393
OUTRO BY https://www.youtube.com/DaniilVataman


Evan Shanks says:

what did i get myself into

Mark Duncan says:

You asshole you just lost yourself a subscriber, what did the poor spider do to you, how people treat animals and those lower than us are a mark of who you are and you sir are lower than a snakes belly.

Jason Konstantine says:

I'm gonna LOVE to see your channel. GOOD LUCK bro, from Japan

MJ G says:

why not get a sti in a bit better condition, you were driving a porsche right

5280 Videos says:

Where'd you get it?

Nathan Le says:

1:40 that monster drink is the best

Tidwell says:

So glad you got a WRX

Subie Saint says:

Welcome back to the subie gang buddy!

Curtis Sullivan says:

did you say your girlfriends dad owns a dealership?

Maxi .P says:

Evan Shanks why are you always do that hater shit just shit on em

Tony Eatinsky says:

I've been binge wathcing your vids and gotta say you got FAT man, that needs to go off, ever heard of WEIGHT REDUCTION?

Jeannette de Meyer says:

finally someone I like to watch who is gonna work on my dream car

the_l0stchild says:

You'd better start praying there's no bent chassis rails

Daniel Fuentes says:

I want to get a project car but idk what it should be. do you have any suggestions for a good project car?

Ghosttardis says:


Lisandro Perez says:

Can’t wait for that subie run the streets

menswearhous says:

how many miles?

worldwide street imports says:

You got this Evan

Cain M says:

Sometimes its cheaper to pay the body shop. You might end up making more work for them

6speedguy84 says:

My brother has a 2015 Subaru WRX 6 speed.
His car is not an sti.

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