The Roast of The Subaru WRX STI

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New uploads Monday,Wednesday, and Saturday! For this in depth video, my friend Jefferson threw me the keys to his brand new 2018 Subaru WRX and I instantly noticed something – it feels newer than the STI. Not by it’s year, but how it feels as a car. The Ej25 has been around for ages, so just having the change of pace of engine alone is awesome. We also realized that everybody wanted a turbo Scion FRS or Subaru BRZ and this was the answer we got.There is also so many other cars in this segment you could consider like the VW GTI, Focus RS, Civic Type R, and more for the same price range. Thanks for watching and have a great weekend!

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ThatDudeinBlue says:

To be fair I'd like to add the STI Transmission is a BEAST!
Thanks for watching and I hope you all have a safe weekend!

CR Kennedy says:

14 mpg? I have a 2017 STI and average 19.8 mpg.. btw the basic WRX and BRZ are trash.

Diederik Demot says:

drive a edm or a jdm 2004 sti that's way better car then this fat gismo subaru

RebelRedShirt _ says:

No rumble, no thank you.

Kromeification says:

Do FA20 or EJ25 motors like to go boom stock?

KZNEvoX says:

I own an Evo and am a die hard Evo fanboy, BUUUTTT there is so many more reasons to go STi over WRX than just the seats and differentials. There’s 1) differentials 2)resale value 3)transmission 4)factory brembos 5)hydraulic steering 6)shifter/clutch feel 7)better stock suspension

However the ej25 does need to be updated, but when it does get updated you’re going to get the typical “it’s not an STi anymore” group of people just like you did with the Evo when Mitsu went to the 4B11

ogpunkbuster says:

Did anyone else buy the wrx to later trade it for next gen sti? Tmic, DP, intake and protune make the 2015+ wrx an awesome daily driver.

A13Taz says:

I mean the brand new ones are basically the same. The differences between the STI and Wrx in my opinion was is more of a significant choice comes from the GD and even the GR. But the VA, really no differences.

Victor Pauwels says:

Stand beef serve bare hold likely okay artistic light dirt.

BigsGaming says:

The new sti might have the 2.4 turbo thats going in the ascent

winglessang31 says:

Brz I’d a proper rear wheel drive sports coupe. Would smoke a wrx if it was turbocharged. Not to mention upgraded Impreza economy body makes it look portly and lack elegance. Brz is the better sports car. Don’t get me wrong the wrx is great but the brz is more capable if given the same amount of horsepower.

Mikey Blanchard says:

Also heres my theory. Subaru knows they have made a massive fan base with the WRX/STi, but they want to move on to something else without commiting sales suicide by ending the line all together. So they take the car, lower MPG, keep the same horsepower, etc. To make people want to go get the BRZ. Just a theory

Mikey Blanchard says:

For me, its about more then just your moneys worth. Growing up in the country in oregon, we drove alot of of 70s and 80s subarus. I used to hoon them around on gravel roads for fun. Then in 2002 when i was 13 i found out about the STI and i said one day id own one. I own the 2017 STI right now and honestly i couldnt be happier. For me its about a dream.

05EVORS says:

Only thing wrx has is the low mount dual scroll what makes it a better daily punching around traffic. The Evo is funner car than even the Sti and I had a cammed Evo 8 RS 5MT it was way more blast w dual scroll right on the manifold and longer 5 speed gearing. I get the wrx hype for down low punch….but the 'new' '15 EJ has nice top end w its bigger outlet housing compared to previous EJ's…the new cars are heavier w airbags/steel in the A/B/C pillars… You HAVE to do Group N mounts and rebush everything and do the Perrin firewall brace…these cars come not finished at all brand new…you gotta band aid a bunch of shit just to get them 'right'…Lower rear arms NO camber adjustment….whack…Evos let you in aluminum stock. I could go on…basicly get an Evo if you want the ultimate rally car. Scoobs are full of compromise even though the Sti finally got a fast rack like Evos always had.

Benjamin Stuart says:

Once that EJ is gone everyone that wanted a new engine will be sad and buying older STIs.

And of course STI>WRX

Michael Bullington says:

Dude, forgot Smiles Per Gallon? This has been argued to death…if you add up all the parts between the STI and the WRX it is essentially worth it. The 2.0 DIT is not the same as the BRZ I believe compression, pistons, cable shifter are some differences. S.A. should retire the 2.5 in 2019 with reduced weight and forged internals and the FA's direct injection = 370bhp + 3200lbs. Aside, wouldn't if be nice to see the 200hp 2L in the NA Impreza; why Subaru, why?

wooootles says:

Faster car on tracks, better car for mods = STi
Better daily car 95% of the time = WRX

Maximus Potestas says:

I bought into the 2015 STi hype with a launch edition… got rid of it in 4 months.

Justa carguy says:

14mpgs lol, that guy must drive like an absolute moron 24/7. I typically get around 20mpgs in my STI (mainly city driving, some highway, and occasionally getting on it)

Mitch's Fishes says:

Talking old school turbo charging vs twin scroll. I think we all can agree the wrx is the better daily car. (I own a 2017 sti but had two wrxs prior) The better mpg and it being cheaper, it is not a bad starting point. However, the STi has a bulletproof transmission, and better brakes, hydraulic steering, and better driveline overall. Basically, if one wants to make more power and track it STi. Mild mods and daily wrx. My old wrx was tuned and I traded due to not wanting to spend money on a transmission and brake upgrade. Regardless, the STi needs more power. However, for a 10 plus year old engine lacking modern technology and di it keeps up (barely or barely gets beat) stock by newer technology cars. Not bad, but needs improvement. The chassis is there tho ready for more power. Take care n be safe!

Edwin H says:

I have a 17 wrx but there are a lot more differences between the two. Only wanted a more modern engine not a motor that's been the same for like what 17 years. And the ringland failures scare me. WRX isn't fun until you protune it. Drops dead at high rpms.

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